The Best Unique Gift Baskets For Spicy Food Fans

There are millions of spicy food fans out there, and when it comes to a birthday, a holiday, Father’s Day, or just a way to say thanks, unique gift baskets celebrating the spice in life are a fun way to go. And like with the best gift baskets out there, the top spicy food gift baskets are chock full of fun food and snack options. There are hot sauce gift sets and even beef jerky gift baskets, and all are as creative as they are tasty!

Here’s our five favorite that say “thanks for being you”, of course in the hottest way possible.

Ass Kickin’ Basket

The name doesn’t get better.

Hot sauce aficionados know that there’s a lot in a hot sauce brand name. There are tons of collectable hot sauces out there that simply make the cut for their crazy naming creativity. With the Ass Kickin’ Basket, the name is really king. There’s Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauce, plus their original salsa, spicy Ass Kickin’ Peanuts, beef jerky, and even chili fixins for one spicy night! All in all, you have yourself a one-of-a-kind spicy food lovers gift basket!

Gotta Sriracha Gift Basket

Yes, Sriracha is good on everything…

Have a Sriracha fan in the house or office? This is the gift basket for you. There’s so much Sriracha snacking here – Sriracha popcorn, chips, salsa, and more. It’s not all the Rooster Sauce here, though. There’s a little touch of Tabasco (Got to love those Tabasco jelly beans) as well as some delicious Cajun snacks.

The Good Hurt Fuego Sampler Pack

Packaging that won’t be soon forgotten!

No it’s technically not a gift basket, but this set of seven hot sauces is the perfection of spicy packaging – wrapped together like old school dynamite! Best of all, there’s a ton of heat and flavor here, with everything from smoky chipotle hot sauce to whiskey habanero. If you want a spicy gift that surprises – this is it.

BBQ Sauce Gourmet Toolbox

Talk about practical – usable toolbox included!

A Nothing gets too hot in this barbecue sauce gift set. But the sizzle here is only part of the story. It’s all packaged in a totally usable toolbox – a very creative presentation that any man can appreciate! The BBQ sauces included run from mild to moderately hot, and it’s not just dashers here. There’s barbecue rubs, honey mustard, and even a Bloody Mary mix.

Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky Gift Basket (In 6-Pack Cooler)

A major win for any beef jerky fan.

Got a family member, friend or colleague that loves the smoked heat of beef jerky? There is no better gift basket out there than this one.  There are twelve different Buffalo Bills beef jerky varieties in this spicy gift set, including the tasty Hickory Pepper and Chipotle varieties. Plus this is another option where the basket itself is something more. This time it’s an actual insulated nylon beer cooler that’s perfect for a six-pack. It even comes with a strap for easy carrying! Definitely one of those unique gift baskets that keep on giving well beyond when the food has been eaten.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content. It was originally published on October 7, 2013.