Spicy Jamaican Chicken Curry

Spicy Jamaican Curry Chicken

Caribbean cuisine and hot peppers go hand-in-hand, and that’s especially true with anything Jamaican and scotch bonnet peppers. It’s a pairing made in heaven. Think of this spicy Jamaican curry chicken recipe as tropical comfort food. It has a rich flavor, a spicy sweetness, and enough chicken …

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Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Simple Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

We don’t make it a secret at PepperScale that there’s a favorite hot pepper in-house. The scotch bonnet has been top-of-the-list for us for nearly two decades of chili pepper eating. Its kick of heat (comparable to a habanero) along with its subtle tropical sweetness …

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Spicy black bean mushroom chili

Spicy Black Bean Mushroom Chili

Looking for a vegetarian chili substitute to all the meat chilies out there? Spicy black bean mushroom chili is one of our all-time slow cooker favorites. The mushrooms are a perfect meat alternative, giving the chili just enough thickness. Plus, they soak in those spices …

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