Spicy Thai Fried Rice

Spicy Thai Fried Rice

Eat as a side or a meal… This spicy Thai fried rice recipe is delicious as a side to most any Thai meal, but it’s hearty enough to eat as a meal in its own right. We use steak here, but you can sub in shrimp … Read more

Apple Habanero Hot Sauce

Apple Habanero Hot Sauce

Apple sweet, habanero heat… Sweet and heat are a well-known perfect pairing. And it’s not just tropical sweetness that kills in hot sauce form – more northern fruits, like apples, work just as well! This apple habanero hot sauce is one killer treat. That delicious apple … Read more

Chipotle chocolate chip cookies

Chipotle Chocolate Chip Cookies

A cookie made of fire and smoke… Chipotle peppers and chocolate are a pairing made heaven. Chipotle’s smoky and earthy undertones pair so well with rich and earthy chocolate. So what’s a better vehicle than chocolate chip cookies to get these two flavors together? The answer … Read more

Jalapeno popper mashed potatoes

Jalapeño Popper Mashed Potatoes

A fun spicy twist on a side fave… Talk about a smile bringer. Fresh mashed potatoes are already hard to keep on the table, but when you spice things up popper-style, it’s going to be a mashed potato land grab on your hands! This jalapeño … Read more

Spicy Romesco Sauce

Spicy Romesco Sauce

A spicy Catalonian dip… Roasted red bell peppers and almonds are the base of this spicy romesco sauce. This delicious Catalonian recipe is smooth, nutty, and earthy with a slightly smoky spiciness. Cayenne pepper and smoked paprika bring the spiciness (and smokiness) here. Altogether, it … Read more

Spicy fried pickles

Spicy Fried Pickles

Southern fried bite… Whether as an appetizer or side, spicy fried pickles sure hit the Southern-fried spot. It’s a mix of tang, crunch, and cayenne that’ll tickle your taste buds. Pair these pickles with our spicy Sriracha ranch dressing, and you’ve got a perfect party pleaser. … Read more

Korean Meatballs

Spicy Korean Meatballs

Fiery gochujang stars… Korean meatballs are full of exotic flavors – ginger and sesame oil provide a delicious Asian flair. But the true star of these meatballs is gochujang. This miso-based Korean chili paste provides both an earthy and pungent fire to the flavor. They … Read more

Sriracha cheese sauce

Sriracha Cheese Sauce

Rooster sauce and cheddar go boom! Great party dips keep things simple…and fast. In our books, add “spicy” too and we’ve got a real winner in the making. This Sriracha cheese sauce is fast to whip up with plenty of Rooster sauce flair. Add more, … Read more

Habanero mac and cheese

Habanero Mac And Cheese

Mac attack! This is a macaroni and cheese that is super times two. Super fiery and super creamy, habanero mac and cheese will certainly delight those more extreme eaters at your table. It’s bold bite comfort food at its best – a great side for … Read more

jalapeno mango salsa

Jalapeño Mango Salsa

Refreshingly sweet with a touch of fire… If you’re looking for a salsa that pairs perfectly with fish tacos, look no further than this jalapeño mango salsa recipe. It’s simple to make, yet full of tropical sweet and spicy bite. It’s perfect as a topper … Read more