Top Sriracha Shirt Styles: Hot And Cool Meet

The famous Sriracha hot sauce has a ton of fans. And why not? This jalapeño-based hot sauce is super tasty, and the label has taken on cult-like status. It’s a retro classic and even slightly strange: with its multiple languages, and the iconic rooster. In fact, the label has inspired a ton of Sriracha gifts, and few are as sought after as the Sriracha shirt.

In terms of design, there are lots of styles out there. But we’ve compiled our favorite Sriracha t-shirt designs that place the rooster sauce front and center for all to see. All make excellent spicy food fan gifts, or if your shopping for someone who loves cool unique t-shirts, there are few as simultaneously hot and cool as these designs.

The Classic Sriracha Shirt

Pulls some of the best elements from the label. 

Let’s start here. This is the classic Sriracha t-shirt look, pulling some of the most iconic pieces from the hot sauce label. Of course the rooster is the star of the show, but the shirt becomes a whole other level of worldly with the Vietnamese and Chinese descriptions. In white and red, it’s all brand, all cool, and a very popular choice.

Women Love Sriracha Too

Talk about a t-shirt that gives a sense of personality. 

Hot and spicy. Funky and cool. All these things meet in a Sriracha shirt. This is definitely one piece of fashion that gives off a vibe of what to expect from the wearer. Just like the men’s shirt above, this woman’s t-shirt pulls the best from the label along with a few other unique elements that just build up the heat. Call outs for “Natural color” and “Shake well” take on a whole other meaning with this spicy look.

The Rooster Flies Solo

One of the most famous fowls in the world takes flight. 

This is the shirt for those in on the heat, or for those that want to challenge their friends to “getting” the shirt. All you’ve got is the famous Sriracha rooster, and that’s really enough. The shirt looks downright cool with the rooster standing alone. It’s simple, but it’s definitely still a statement shirt for those that like it hot.

The Shirt That Says It All

Awesome sauce. Period. 

So simple and so cool (or should we say hot?) This Awesome Sauce Sriracha shirt proclaims what we all know deep down in our hearts – Srircaha is pure awesome.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content. It was originally published on January 22, 2014.