Best Sriracha Gifts – From Useful To Funky!

Sriracha is one of those brands that goes well beyond the product it makes. With its funky label and iconic rooster – not to mention its incredible taste –  it has reached cult status. And with that status has come a lot of cool Sriracha shirts, books, and other Sriracha gifts that make for real fun gift-giving.

Are you looking for the perfect set of Sriracha gifts? Then definitely check out some of the top selections below. There’s something here for every type of hot sauce lover – from the spicy food chef to the vintage t-shirt collector and beyond.

For The Spicy Chef: The Sriracha Cookbook

The Sriracha Cookbook brings it – over 50 years of proven Sriracha recipes that will have every spicy food fan raving.

For The Cool Collector: Sriracha T-Shirt

For those that like vintage t-shirts, the Sriracha shirt is a totally fun gift. Between the label and the rooster, it’s quirky cool and perfect with a pair of jeans. There are lots of styles out there beyond this popular option. For more, check out our post on top Sriracha shirt styles

For The Office Gift: Sriracha Coffee Mug

If you’ve got a colleague whose love of all things spicy is well-known, a ceramic Sriracha mug will certainly fit the bill for an office Christmas gift swap. It features the full label, down to the fluid ounces.

For The Athlete: Sriracha Socks

Sriracha socks fit right into the collection. They feature the famous rooster on a read sock background. The socks are topped off in green, just like the rooster sauce bottle top. They make a fun stocking stuffer too.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content. It was originally published on March 9, 2014.