Burger Pop! Spicy Ketchup And Other Spicy Condiments

Sure a burger with plain old ketchup and mustard is plenty good, but if you like spicy foods then pulling out some spicy ketchup, spicy mustard, or one of many other spicy condiments out there will definitely wake up your taste buds in just the right way. As hot peppers get more and more popular, condiment brands have really stepped up their game with chili pepper flavored options.

Below are some of our favorites – some classics with a twist, others lesser known brands with pop. Pick up a set for your next barbecue, party, or burger or hot dog night. Enjoy!

Heinz Hot & Spicy Tomato Ketchup

Two popular brands come together for a taste explosion. 

Heinz is the most popular brand of ketchup around, and in this delicious mashup it gets down and dirty with the ever-popular Tabasco Sauce. For how popular these two brands are, this Heinz Spicy Ketchup isn’t always easy to find in supermarkets. But online, you can pick up a pack of six at a very decent price. It turns a burger into something any hot pepper lover would love. Just enough heat to satisfy without overtaking that awesome hamburger taste.

Beaver Brand Jalapeno Mustard

Jalapeño and cayenne pepper star in this one-of-a-kind mustard

We are big fans of Beaver Brand Spicy Mustard. Sure, because it’s hot. There’s a terrific pairing of jalapeños and cayenne in every bottle. But that’s not the whole story. The flavor of this mustard is just out of this world. It tastes fresh and surprisingly complex. It’s the kind of mustard that once you try it for the first time, you’ll have a hard time looking at plain Jane yellow mustard ever again. This one’s tough to find in stores, but thankfully online sellers have you covered.

Tabasco Spicy Mayonnaise

Rich and full of heat…

We know mayonnaise and burgers isn’t for everyone, but some people love the flavor of ketchup and mayo mixed together. If you’re one, try mixing a little of this Tabasco Spicy Mayonnaise with regular ketchup next time. It’s spicy, tangy and rich all at the same time. And it’s not just great on burgers. Try it as a sauce to dip your french fries in as well.

A1 Bold & Spicy Steak Sauce with Tabasco Sauce

Here’s an A1 Steak Sauce that packs a punch!

Are you seeing a theme here? Tabasco Sauce is a very popular mix to make spicy condiments. A1 Steak Sauce always pairs well with hamburgers if you’re looking for something a little extra on the flavor scale. But now with the added heat of this tasty bold and spicy option, you’ve got something chiliheads can truly admire. It’s got a kick. Careful on using too much as it can really mask the delicious hamburger tastes!

Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce Devil’s Spit

If you’re craving BBQ burgers, our top choice. 

Famous Dave’s is super popular around the U.S. for its barbecue, and the cool (or should we say hot) thing is, you can pick up some of Dave’s famous sauce pretty easily! It’s tops on barbecue, but burgers of all kinds can be made tastier with a little dab of this BBQ sauce. Try it too with fries and even use it as a substitute for ketchup in meatloaf. You’ll soon be addicted like we are. It’s that good.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on February 24, 2021 to include new content. It was originally published on November 7, 2013.