“Up The Scale” Set II: Jalapeño, Habanero, Ghost Powders




The PepperScale is all about exploring the nuances of chilies, and our “Up The Scale” sets provide the perfect combo of single ingredient chili powders to truly experience the famous Scoville Scale.

In this set:

Medium: Jalapeño Powder, bright and grassy (see the PepperScale chipotle profile)

Extra Hot: Habanero powder, citrusy and sweet (see the PepperScale habanero profile)

Super-Hot: Ghost Pepper Powder, citrusy and fruity (see the PepperScale ghost pepper profile)

Please use caution with this set. Habanero and (especially) ghost pepper are very hot powders. Wear gloves and kitchen goggles when cooking with these powders to keep chili burn at bay.

Additional information

Weight12 oz