Pepperoncini Pop Quiz: Test Your Pepper Knowledge

How well do you know the delicious Pepperoncini pepper?

Challenge your pepperoncini knowledge with our 10 question pop quiz! We’ll see how well you know this delicious pepper’s heat, flavor, history, and more.

Some answers are easy – others a little more tricky. But all of the answers to our pop quiz can be found on PepperScale. Where to start? Read through our pepperoncini 101 guide. All of the answers to our quiz can be found there or via one of the posts on the pepperoncini that the guide links to. And don’t worry – we’ll give you the right answer right in line with the questions, so you can learn while quizzing. Have fun!

How hot is the pepperoncini in Scoville heat units?

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The pepperoncini is a very mild pepper (100 to 500 SHU), well below jalapeño level heat (2,500 to 8,000 SHU).

Which of these peppers is considered the doppelgänger to the pepperoncini?

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The banana pepper has so many similarities to the pepperoncini. See our PepperScale Showdown comparing the two to see them, along with their differences.

What's the most common way to find pepperoncini in grocery stores?

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Pickled is how you'll usually find pepperoncini. jarred next to those dill pickles!

Where do pepperoncini originate?

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Europe is where the pepperoncini calls home, specifically Italy and Greece. THough note: all chilies have roots to South America to start.

Which is hotter? A pepperoncini or a shishito pepper?

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Pepperoncini are hotter in terms of median heat (300 SHU vs 125 SHU for shishito). But it should be noted that shishito can randomly be much hotter. One out of ten can range up to near mild jalapeño heat.

Which Capsicum do pepperoncini belong to?

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The pepperoncini is the same capsicum species as the jalapeño pepper: Capsicum annuum.

What do fresh pepperoncini (not pickled) taste like?

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Pepperoncini have a very pleasant lightly sweet flavor. They become tangy, of course, when pickled.

If you want a heat bump with a similar flavor, which of these chilies is the best pepperoncini substitute?

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While banana peppers are the best overall substitute, you're taking a hit to the overall spiciness. Your best flavor match while going hotter is the Hungarian wax pepper.

If you're growing pepperoncini, when is the best time to harvest them?

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Their best flavor for pickling (and eating fresh on sandwiches and salads) is before they hit maturity. Pick when they are yellowish-green. See our pepperoncini planting guide for more.

What's the typical length of the pepperoncini pepper?

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Pepperoncini typically grow to two to three inches in total length, with a tapered shape.

Pepperoncini Pop Quiz
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