Chipotle chicken gravy

Chipotle Chicken Gravy

Gravy cooked from meat juices just cannot be beaten. The full-on flavor from the chicken and the smoky, fiery flavor from the chipotle chili make this chipotle chicken gravy truly irresistible. Everyone at the table will be asking for more. … Read more

Dat’l Hook Ya Datil Pepper Sauce Set

October 2020 Giveaway! Dat’l Hook Ya Sauce Set

Boy, we really love a little Dat’l Hook Ya Datil Pepper Sauce? How much? The original currently tops our hot sauce list. This datil pepper sauce is good. Real good. Be sure to check out the video review and full … Read more

Spicy marinated olives close up

Spicy Marinated Olives

Spicy marinated olives are a really great appetizer with drinks. They are also a grand addition to a host of other dishes. Why? The olives’ deep, often hidden, flavors are intensified by this marinade of chili, rosemary, thyme, garlic, vinegar, … Read more

Devilfish Kitchen Pirate Panic Hot Sauce

Devilfish Kitchen Pirate Panic Hot Sauce Review

There’s a high-power pepper mix in Devilfish Kitchen’s Pirate Panic Hot Sauce: ghost, scorpion, habanero, and scotch bonnet peppers. On paper that’s a bunch of bold that could literally send your mouth into a true panic, as the label says. … Read more

Spiced pineapple upside-down cake, ready to serve

Spiced Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

This spiced pineapple upside-down cake recipe adds just a little kick to the popular dessert. There’s cayenne pepper powder in the cake batter, but that’s not all. We add a few candied jalapeños here to add a delicious sweet bite … Read more

Sicilian Tuna Steaks in Spicy Sauce with Garlic Spinach

Sicilian Tuna Steaks In Spicy Sauce

Sicily has had a deeply significant relationship with tuna that goes back tens of centuries. This Sicilian tuna recipe brings out the best in tuna steaks – with chilies (peri-peri here, or another), olives, tomatoes, rosemary, oregano, and garlic. And … Read more

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce Label

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce Review

There’s a reason they sell Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce by the gallon. It’s tangy and mild, and you can put this bad boy on everything! Everyone from your grandma to your kids can try this and will be happy with … Read more

Spicy Scotch broth soup in a pot

Spicy Scotch Broth Soup

Scotch broth soup is a traditional hearty Scottish soup, but you now find it all around the globe. It’s not typically spicy, but here we bring it to fiery life with the addition of chili pepper. And it’s pure yum. … Read more

Hearty Tom Yum Soup

This hearty take on tom yum soup may be one of the best soups you’ll ever make. It might not be ‘authentically’ like a serving in Thailand, its home country. But, finish a big bowl and don’t be surprised if … Read more

Inner Beauty Hot Sauce Label

Inner Beauty Hot Sauce Review

If you love the taste of tikka masala sauce, but wish it had some kick to it, then you’ve found a go-to in Inner Beauty Hot Sauce. Its mustard base, spices, and tropical flavor are a blast for your tastebuds. … Read more