Aka Miso Ghost-Reaper Hot Sauce Review

“Get back Reaper!”, I screamed, “You’re freakin’ dangerous!” Seriously, Aka Miso Ghost-Reaper by Bravado Spice Company is really hot, particularly for a sauce with no chili pepper extracts. No, this is the real McCoy here — fresh ghost peppers and Carolina Reapers punching hard. But … Read more

Spicy herb chicken strips

Spicy Herb Chicken Strips

Here’s some fiery and herby goodness — spicy herb chicken strips make a perfect (and easy) appetizer or meal. You have so many possibilities. Serve them on their own with marinara sauce (or a dip of you choosing.) Pair this herb chicken with mashed potatoes … Read more

Spicy Pho Bo

Spicy Pho Bo: Beef Beyond Belief

Rare-as-you-dare sirloin meets the beefiest of exotically spiced broths. This spicy Pho Bo is fired up by Thai bird’s eye chilies and served with rice noodles, mushrooms, and scallions, Pho Bo is prepared super slow and hyper quick. It’s heaven in a bowl for serious … Read more

Goya Hot Sauce - Salsa Picante label

Goya Hot Sauce (Salsa Picante) Review

With its presence on (I think) every hot sauce store shelf on the West Coast (and maybe the East?), Goya Salsa Picante is a definite fiery staple. And for good reason – its simple ingredient list provides plenty of tang. But how does this hot … Read more

Howler Monkey Hot Sauces

March 2021 Giveaway! Howler Monkey Gift Set

Happy near-spring to all! It’s time for our March giveaway! This month we’re giving away a Howler Monkey Hot Sauce gift set. It includes Howler Monkey Original Sauce (which we recently reviewed), plus its Hot, Amarillo, and Verde sauces. If you enjoy Peruvian-style hot sauces, … Read more

Lamb keema matar plated

Lamb Keema Matar: A Hidden Gem Of Curries

Lamb keema matar the epitome of curry — hot, spicy, and moreish. It’s a hugely popular, mostly home-cooked, family style dish from India and Pakistan that doesn’t often feature in restaurants. As an embodiment of curry, it’s a natural-born winner. And I like mine hot. … Read more

Howler Monkey Hot Sauce - Original

Howler Monkey Hot Sauce (Original) Review

If you know your monkeys (and who doesn’t, I say), you may have gathered Howler Monkey Hot Sauce is a Panamanian-style sauce. Howler monkeys being the tell here for those in the primate know — a species native to Central America. But enough Nat Geo … Read more

Creamy seafood gratin

Creamy Seafood Gratin: Not A Humble Pie

Creamy seafood gratin takes the deeply satisfying notion of comfort food to a higher level. A trio of creamily spiced seafood is crowned by buttery mashed potatoes, flavored with garlic and Parmesan and a spark from red serrano peppers. Calling it a pie somehow seems … Read more

Spiced Pineapple

Spiced Pineapple

Spiced pineapple is such a simple recipe but so incredibly versatile. It can be enjoyed for breakfast, as a snack, or even as a tasty palate cleanser at a dinner party. The enzymes of a pineapple help the body digest food and this makes it … Read more

Spiced Coffee Cake

Spiced Coffee Cake

Now this is a cake you’ll be tempted to have a second slice of right after the first! Spiced coffee cake is so tasty, even if you aren’t a coffee fan. The caramel frosting tames the coffee flavor just right, like a caramel latte in … Read more