Inner Beauty Hot Sauce Label

Inner Beauty Hot Sauce Review

If you love the taste of tikka masala sauce, but wish it had some kick to it, then you’ve found a go-to in Inner Beauty Hot Sauce. Its mustard base, spices, and tropical flavor are a blast for your tastebuds. … Read more

Chili Chocolate Bread

Chili Chocolate Bread

Not too sweet, and not too spicy – this chili chocolate bread is mild enough to serve to the whole family. It calls for red chili flakes and you can adjust the amount you want to use to your liking. … Read more

Spicy Lamb Kabobs Skillet-Seared With Mixed Vegetable Skewers

Lamb leg steaks. Boneless and about an inch thick. Just picture that. Possibilities written all over them. Here’s an outstandingly good one. This spicy lamb kabobs recipe has plenty of penetrating chili and garlic. I reckon it’s the best way … Read more

Dat’l Hook Ya Datil Pepper Sauce

Dat’l Hook Ya Datil Pepper Sauce Review

And…the name says it all. Dat’l Hook Ya is damn right! Don’t let the fact that it’s made with datil peppers, which are akin to habaneros in heat (but sweeter), make you cautious to try this. This sauce is certainly … Read more

September 2020 Giveaway! Mole “Holy Trinity” Pack

If you love Mexican peppers, you’re going to love this month’s giveaway. Our Mole “Holy Trinity” Pack features three spicy Mexican chili powders: ancho, guajillo, and pasilla powders. Each is part of the “holy trinity” of spices used in many … Read more

Hell Fire Detroit Habanero Sauce Label

Hell Fire Detroit Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Hell Fire Detroit Habanero Hot Sauce is aptly named. There’s a lot of burn here – both in overall heat and fire-smoked habanero flavor. But does it fall into the heat trap that happens with some high heat sauces – … Read more

Raspberry Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Raspberry Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Sweet hot sauces are a ton of fun to play with, simply because they are so crazily versatile. For instance, this raspberry scotch bonnet hot sauce offers up quite a punch of flavor, rich, sweet, and fiery. It’s just as … Read more

Ostrich Steaks On The Grill Close-up

Ostrich Steaks With Spicy Marinade And Citrus Sauce

Ostrich steaks are full of flavor and leaner (and healthier) than even skinless chicken. An ostrich is a strange-looking creature. It’s sort of like a cross between a splendidly feathered, buxom turkey, and a long-necked, leggy giraffe. Big bird? You … Read more

Jalapeno and Vodka Jello

Jalapeño And Vodka Jello

Now obviously this one is for the adults only. Jalapeño and vodka jello is the type of sweet treat that will help get any gathering going. It’s tasty berry experience with only a gentle hint of red jalapeño that tickles … Read more