Burn After Eating Hot Sauce Label

Burn After Eating Hot Sauce Review

Holy hell hot sauce! Burn After Eating Hot Sauce is terrifyingly spicy. I might be dazed and confused because my tongue has been burning for five minutes straight. But is there more to this super-hot sauce than pure fire, or … Read more

How Long Do Bell Peppers Last

How Long Do Bell Peppers Last?

Have some bell peppers and you aren’t sure of their freshness? How long do bell peppers last, really? Bell peppers have a limited shelf life like all fresh produce. While the type of pepper can affect shelf life, how they … Read more

Spicy Cottage Pie

Spicy Cottage Pie

Spicy cottage pie is traditional comfort food with a modern and fiery twist. This is a winter meal that’ll warm you from head to toe.  It’s not overly spicy — more a gentle hum from dried red pepper flakes, Sriracha … Read more

Anda Bhurji_Featured

Anda Bhurji — Spicy Brunch Eggs

Huevos rancheros, shakshuka, and their variants are all grand eggs ‘n chili dishes. But this Indian version of scrambled eggs is in a league of its own. It’s called Anda Bhurji and will likely shoot to the top of your … Read more

Try Me Tiger Sauce

Try Me Original Tiger Sauce Review

First things first. You have to love the name. Tiger Sauce. So simple. To the point. And the packaging follows suit with that in your face, sort of retro tiger growl. Ironically, Try Me brand’s Original Tiger Sauce is more … Read more

How To Ripen Peppers Off The Vine

The Best Ways To Ripen Peppers Off The Vine

You may find yourself needing to ripen peppers off the vine if you are a gardener who has had to pick all their peppers at the end of the season. The situation may also arise if you can only find … Read more

Chipotle Chocolate Rocky Road Candy

Chipotle Chocolate Rocky Road Candy

Chocolate rocky road candy is such a childhood favorite. But that doesn’t mean us adults can’t love it, too. Especially with the addition of a little spice. Chipotle chocolate rocky road has all that you remember: marshmallow, fudge, and crumbly … Read more

Spicy fish cakes with salsa and garlic zucchini

Spicy Fish Cakes With Salsa And Garlicky Buttered Zucchini

Chances are, you’ll never eat a better fish cake. This spicy fish cakes recipe features finely diced chorizo, cilantro, a few capers, Bird’s Eye chilies, and a couple of salty anchovies — and that’s just the start. It’s a world … Read more

Gringo Bandito Original Hot Sauce_Close-up

Gringo Bandito Original Hot Sauce Review

Gringo Bandito Original Hot Sauce has always been a go-to for me. It’s a thin, yet creamy red sauce, perfect for Mexican food, and always served with a side of song in my house. “Say what?!”, you say? Well, you … Read more

Spiced Apple Oats

Spiced Apple Oats

Spiced apple oats are the kind of breakfast dish that will keep you warm all winter long. People have been enjoying oats as a staple food for thousands of years. And for good reason – they are not only nutritious, … Read more