Simple Jalapeño Dip Recipe

Here’s an easy to make jalapeño dip recipe that still delivers in taste.

The jalapeño peppers provide a nice mild to medium heat – just enough oomph to make the dip special, but not enough to scare off those who prefer milder fair.

If you want to increase the heat, you can opt for serrano peppers instead of the jalapeños. This will kick it up to twice the spice, easily, while providing a similar taste to the dip overall.

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Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita

Just imagining the sweet tang of strawberry mixing with the heat of jalapeño is mouthwatering, to say the least. They may seem an unlikely pair at first glance, but like with many sweet things, spicy works really well here. REALLY well.

A strawberry jalapeño margarita is one  of those summer show-stopper drinks that’ll energize a party. So pick up some fresh strawberries and a couple of jalapeño peppers before your next tequila-friendly shindig, and get ready for some serious smiles. 

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Jalapeno Mint Smoothie

Jalapeño Mint Smoothie

It’s not only sweet and spicy that works…

Minty and spicy works very well too! For instance, this jalapeño mint smoothie recipe is sure to bring a smile post-workout or as a healthy dessert option. Hot peppers are known for their hunger-curbing properties (it’s all about that capsaicin), and mint promotes healthy digestion which helps your body burn fat instead of storing it. Obviously, this is an excellent smoothie for those on weight-loss diets, and it really cleanses the palate post-meal. 

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Corona Margarita Recipe

Spicy Corona Margarita Recipe

Here’s a perfect party cocktail: easy to make and yet surprisingly tasty. This spicy Corona margarita recipe isn’t (obviously) a traditional margarita. Sprite and Corona aren’t the typical ingredients you’d expect, but it sure does make a punch bowl full of good times.

If you want a version that’s not spicy at all, just lessen the amount of jalapeños used, or forgo the jalapeños altogether for a tangy no-heat drink. Try it at your next outdoor party or barbecue. It’s sure to be a hit. 

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Watermelon Jalapeno Margarita

Spicy Watermelon Jalapeño Margarita

Sweet and spicy works so well, and we’ve come to love the sweet and spicy pair of watermelon and jalapeño pepper. They work perfectly together in a spicy salad or as a refreshingly tasty cocktail like you have with this watermelon jalapeño margarita recipe.

This is an excellent summer drink that’ll have you and your guests coming back for more. It’s just the right amount of spice, but if you like all things hotter, increase the amount of jalapeño and leave the seeds and membrane intact when you blend.

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Simple Guacamole Recipe

Simple Guacamole Recipe

Here’s a very simple guacamole recipe that’ll have you out of the kitchen and eating some tasty “chips and guac” in fifteen minutes flat. There are multiple heat sources in this recipe. The jalapeño peppers provide the lion’s share of the spice, but you also get a little kick from the dashes of black pepper and cayenne.

You can eat it right away, but guacamole always tastes best after a little time in the refrigerator. It solidifies the dip and allows the flavors to settle together. An hour in the fridge is well worth it if you’ve got the time. 

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