What Does The Number On The Bottom Of A Tabasco Bottle Mean?

Some may have noticed it before – and for others this may be a surprise – but every bottle of Tabasco hot sauce has a number on the bottom of the bottle. People have questioned that number since Tabasco bottles have been on store shelves. Some people believe that it has to do with the heat of the hot sauce inside, ranging on a scale from one to forty. But that is far from the truth. So what does the number on the bottom of a Tabasco bottle mean?

It’s something that may surprise you, and likely disappoint all those who want something a little more mysterious and cryptic.

You see, according to Tabasco’s own website, that number on the Tabasco bottle bottom (31 in the example above from a bottle of Tabasco Chipotle Hot Sauce), refers to something with a lot more operational function. Tabasco marks each bottle with the mold number used to create the specific bottle you are holding. It’s just a way for them to keep tabs on quality control so that they can provide the best product possible.

There you have it. It has nothing to do with heat or a super secret code. There’s no cryptic meaning, as much as we may wish for one. Instead, it’s Tabasco doing what it does best – making a top quality hot sauce. We’ll take it.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content. It was originally published on March 10, 2014.