Rick’s Picks Mean Beans: Pickled POW!

A surprising spicy snack and the ultimate Bloody Mary veggie.

Olives…take a back seat. Celery….step aside. Rick’s Picks Mean Beans are the go-to for the ultimate spicy Bloody Mary, and as a spicy snack a jar of Mean Beans is nearly impossible to put down.

These pickled green beans are a flavor explosion, mixing crunch, sour, and hot at just the right amount. It’s like the spicy pickle made a crunchier, earthier friend, one that pairs real well with the garden tastes of the classic tomato juice cocktail.

What makes Mean Beans hot?

Rick’s Picks Mean Beans use cayenne pepper to add sizzle to its sour. It’s hot, but at a level that most anyone can stomach. If you can handle a jalapeño on the spicier side of its range, then you can handle Mean Beans, no problem.

What do Mean Beans taste like?

You can tell that Rick’s Picks is serious about sourcing quality beans. These tasted just like you’d expect based on their jar claim: “Made in season from vegetables from local farmers.” The beans have just the right amount of snap and crunch, and there’s that fresh earthy taste that you’d expect and want, especially at the price of a jar of Mean Beans. They aren’t cheap, but boy are they tasty. You’re paying up for serious quality.

Rick’s Picks also doesn’t overdo it in the pickling either. The beans are sour, but you still get the fresh vegetable taste. The spicy flavors come to life very quickly due to the fast heat of cayenne pepper. The heat doesn’t tend to linger too long, so it’s a very pleasant spicy snack eating experience. In fact – you just keep wanting more! Seriously, this is a tough jar to put back in the fridge once you’ve pulled it out.

The spicy Bloody Mary has met its match!

Sure you could snack on Mean Beans, but where they really shine is as a complement to a spicy Bloody Mary. Oh yes, top your cocktail with a few of these beans and a tiny dash of the pickle juice and you’ll love what it brings to your drinking experience. This is the kind of Bloody Mary side that’ll surprise and delight your brunch guests.

So Rick’s Picks Mean Beans have definitely found a place in our refrigerator. These are our new Bloody Mary must!

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content. It was originally published on October 11, 2014.