Johnny V Fort Lauderdale: The Island Prairie Cocktail

The habanero cocktail at Johnny V is pure spicy yum.

When it comes to spicy cocktails, only the adventurous should apply when you start getting to habanero heat and above. These are spicy mixers, and few restaurants and bars go there (yet) with these super-hot peppers. Johnny V Fort Lauderdale is one of the brave few. I tried their Island Prairie cocktail recently, and it’s a blast of spice. No kid gloves on this spicy drink. It packs a tasty wallop – though the heat may vary by day.

What’s in the Island Prairie from Johnny V?

This cocktail gets its heat from infusion. They use habanero-infused prairie vodka instead of muddled hot pepper or any sort of pepper puree. That spice is mixed with tropical fruit tastes – fresh mango puree, pineapple juice, and orange juice – all of which are perfect with the slight sweetness that habanero pepper brings to the table. It’s topped off with cointreau to pop that orange flavor even more.

Slight heat variations

I’ve had Island Prairie a few times at Johnny V Fort Lauderdale, and  the heat level – while definitely spicy each time – did tend to vary. I’ve had a few where the spice was sun-like, and others where it was hot, but still manageable for most anyone that likes moderate to hot spiciness.

That may be due to the habaneros used in infusion. Chilies vary in heat from plant to plant and even pepper to pepper, so some infusions are likely to come out less potent than others unless the heat is measured prior for consistency. Or it may be that there is a little something extra spicy in the drink that’s not listed on the menu. I did mention that I loved things hot the first time I ordered the Island Prairie. It could be the bartender spiced things up even more.

Either way, Johnny V Fort Lauderdale – kudos for going there with the spiciness. The Island Prairie is good. Real good. I’ll be back for more!

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content. It was originally published on July 18, 2014.