Jalapeño Popcorn

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Adding a fresh spicy flavor to your snack food fave…

Popcorn is a perfect snack for bringing “spicy” to life. It’s tasty but rather neutral in flavor, making it a terrific culinary base by which to play with peppers, for both their heat and overall flavor. For instance, jalapeño popcorn uses fresh jalapeños to bring a spicy fresh flavor to the olive oil used to cook the popcorn. We like it, too, with a little sprinkle of jalapeño powder to add a little extra spicy brightness to the bowl.

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jalapeno popcorn

Jalapeño Popcorn

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Servings 4 servings



  • In a large cooking pot over medium heat, heat the olive oil for 1 1/2 minutes. 
  • Add the jalapeño wheels to the oil, and continue to heat the olive oil with the jalapeño wheels for another minute. Move the jalapeño wheels every 15 to seconds to allow the jalapeño oils to meld into the olive oil. 
  • Add the popcorn kernels to the oil and cover the cooking pot. Cook for approximately 5 minutes (or until the popcorn popping slows). Shake the pot occasionally as the popcorn pops. 
  • Remove the cover and add salt to taste, shaking the popcorn to allow the salt to spread. 
  • Pour the popcorn into bowls. Sprinkle the popcorn with jalapeño powder (optional) for additional spiciness. Serve.
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