The Hot Sauce List: Reviews, Videos, Heat Level

| Last Updated: June 29, 2020 |

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Dive deep into hot sauces with our ever-growing list…

Each month we review a few fiery hot sauces – some well-known staples, others craft blends. Our hot sauce list pulls together all of our related hot sauce content, including scores, reviews, videos, and heat ranges. Use it to discover new flavors, collectibles, and daily-drivers for your table and kitchen.

Click on any of the rows to open more detail about a particular hot sauce, including a top line on what to expect, links to our reviews and Sizzle Reel videos, intel on the pepper used, and the sauce’s Scoville heat range (when we know.) Our hot sauce list is constantly being updated and upgraded, so come back often.

A breakdown of our scores:

Scores are based on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

  • Overall Flavor: How tasty is this hot sauce? How much flavor depth is there?
  • Heat Balance: Does the overall heat balance with the flavor? This is not a score on how spicy a hot sauce is – rather do the flavor and heat mesh well. Look to the heat range column to consider pure spiciness.
  • Usability: How usable is the hot sauce? Is it something that can be used every day or is the flavor something more specialized?
  • Collectibility: How collectible is the packaging? Is it memorable? Fun? Unique? Gift-worthy?
  • X-Factor: This is our subjective “does it have it” score. Think of it like our reviewer’s gut score.

The final score is calculated by averaging the above scores. We automatically filter by it, or if you prefer to filter specifically on flavor, heat balance, or any of the other columns just click on the column head. That’s very helpful if you’re purely interested in flavor or heat balance, but less concerned on collectibility. Filter by usability if you’re looking for your next daily driver to always have at the table. Or collectibility if you’re looking for a fun hot sauce gift. The choice is yours.

Hot Sauce List

Image wdt_ID Name Hot Sauce Topline FINAL SCORE Overall Flavor Heat Balance Usability Collectibility X-Factor Heat Scoville Heat Range Crafter City Crafter State Link
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Matt Bray

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