The Hot Pepper List: Know Your Spice

| Last Updated: October 31, 2020 |

One hot pepper list to rule them all…

Just like grapes grown for wine, hot peppers are incredibly complex. There are multiple varieties that come in unique shapes, flavors, and, of course, heat. It’s our goal to help you traverse this wide world of spiciness, and it all starts with the Scoville scale through which the heat is measured. Our hot pepper list brings that famous pepper scale to life in many ways.

It allows you to see the heat from mild to hot, as well as get an idea of what that heat is like via our jalapeño reference point. We show you how much hotter (or milder) a hot pepper could be from the jalapeño – a chili most everyone has tried. We find it to be a great way to bring the big numbers on the Scoville scale into perspective. 

To read more about a chili pepper: Click on the row to open our Fast Facts or click on the pepper’s name to view PepperScale’s full profile on the chili.

Scroll to the bottom of our hot pepper list to view a glossary of key terms.

Hot PepperImageHeatMin SHUMax SHUMedian SHUJalRPJalRP Times Hotter/MilderTypeOriginUseFlavor
Bell Pepper Bell Pepper Substitute Mild0000.00-8,000 to -2,500annuumMexicoCulinaryBright, Sweet
Gypsy Pepper Gypsy Pepper Mild0000.00-8,000 to -2,500annuumUSACulinarySweet, Floral
Purple Beauty Pepper Purple Beauty Pepper Mild0000.00-8,000 to -2,500annuumSouth AmericaCulinarySweet
Melrose Pepper melrose pepper Mild0000.00-8,000 to -2,500annuumUSACulinarySweet
Carmen Pepper carmen pepper Mild0000.00-8,000 to -2,500annuumItalyCulinarySweet
California Wonder Pepper California Wonder Pepper Mild0000.00-8,000 to -2,500annuumUSACulinaryBitter, Sweet
Peperone di Senise peperone di senise Mild0000.00-8,000 to -2,500annuumItalyCulinarySweet, Nutty, Smoky
Fushimi Pepper Fushimi Pepper Mild0000.00-8,000 to -2,500AnnuumJapanCulinarySweet
Tangerine Dream Pepper Tangerine Dream Pepper Mild0100500.01-8,000 to -250annuumUSAOrnamentalSweet
Chilly Chili Chilly Chili Mild1100510.01-8,000 to -2annuumUSAOrnamentalNeutral
Shishito Pepper Shishito pepper substitute Mild502001250.02-160 to -13annuumJapanCulinarySweet, Grassy, Citrusy, Smoky
Trinidad Perfume Trinidad Perfume Mild05002500.05-8,000 to -5chinenseCaribbeanCulinarySweet, Fruity, Citrusy, Tropical
Banana Pepper Banana Pepper Planting Mild05002500.05-8,000 to -5annuumSouth AmericaCulinarySweet, Tangy
Pepperoncini pepperoncini Mild1005003000.06-80 to -5annuumItalyCulinarySweet, Tangy
Pimento Pepper Pimento Pepper Mild1005003000.06-80 to -5annuumUnknownCulinarySweet
Mariachi Pepper Mariachi pepper Mild5006005500.10-13 to -5annuumUSACulinarySweet
Santa Fe Grande Pepper Santa Fe Grande Pepper Mild5007006000.11-16 to -3annuumUSACulinarySweet, Smoky
Holy Mole Pepper Holy Mole Pepper Mild7008007500.14-10 to -3annuumUSACulinaryNutty, Tangy
Aji Dulce Aji Dulce Mild01,0005000.10-8,000 to -3chinenseCaribbeanCulinarySweet, Smoky, Peppery
Medusa Pepper Medusa Pepper Mild11,0005010.10-8000 to -3annuumMexicoOrnamentalSweet
Mexibell Pepper Mexibell Pepper Mild1001,0005500.10-80 to -3annuumUSACulinarySweet
Italian Long Hot Pepper Italian Long Hot Peppers Mild1001,0005500.10-80 to -3annuumItalyCulinarySweet
Cubanelle Pepper Cubanelle pepper substitute Mild1001,0005500.10-80 to -3annuumItalyCulinarySweet
Piquillo Pepper Piquillo Peppers Mild5001,0007500.14-16 to -3annuumSpainCulinarySweet, Smoky, Tart
Beaver Dam Pepper Beaver Dam Pepper Mild5001,0007500.14-16 to -3annuumUSACulinarySweet
Peppadew Pepper Peppadew Pepper Mild1,1001,2001,1500.22-7 to -2baccatumAfricaCulinarySweet
Aji Panca Aji Panca Mild1,0001,5001,2500.24-8 to -2baccatumPeruCulinarySweet, Fruity, Smoky
Ancho Pepper Ancho-Pepper Mild1,0001,5001,2500.24-8 to -2annuumMexicoCulinarySweet, Smoky, Earthy
Poblano Pepper Poblano Pepper Nutrition Mild1,0001,5001,2500.24-8 to -2annuumMexicoCulinaryEarthy
Kashmiri Chili Kashmiri Chili Mild1,0002,0001,5000.29-8 to 0annuumIndiaCulinarySweet, Fruity
Guindilla Pepper Guindilla Pepper Mild1,0002,0001,5000.29-8 to 0annuumSpainCulinarySweet
Padron Pepper Padron Pepper Mild5002,5001,5000.29-16 to 0annuumSpainCulinaryEarthy, Nutty, Sweet
Anaheim Pepper Anaheim Pepper vs Jalapeno Pepper Mild5002,5001,5000.29-16 to 0annuumMexicoCulinaryFruity, Sweet
Chilaca Pepper Chilaca Pepper Mild1,0002,5001,7500.33-8 to 0annuumMexicoCulinarySweet, Floral
Pasilla Pepper Pasilla pepper Mild1,0002,5001,7500.33-8 to 0annuumMexicoCulinarySweet, Fruity, Earthy
Rocotillo Pepper Rocotillo Pepper Mild1,5002,5002,0000.38-5 to 0baccatumPeruCulinarySweet, Tropical
Cascabel Pepper Cascabel pepper Mild1,0003,0002,0000.38-8 to 0annuumMexicoCulinaryEarthy, Nutty
Mulato Pepper Mulato Pepper Medium2,5003,0002,7500.52-3 to 0annuumMexicoCulinarySmoky, Sweet, Earthy
NuMex Big Jim NuMex Big Jim Medium2,5003,0002,7500.52-3 to 0annuumUSACulinaryBright, Sweet
Cajun Belle Pepper Cajun belle pepper Medium5004,0002,2500.43-16 to 0annuumUSACulinarySweet
Espelette Pepper Espelette Pepper Medium5004,0002,2500.43-16 to 0annuumFranceCulinarySweet, Fruity, Smoky
NuMex Centennial Numex Centennial Medium1,0005,0003,0000.57-5 to 0annuumUSAOrnamentalBitter, Bright
Sangria Pepper sangria pepper Medium1,0005,0003,0000.57-5 to 0annuumUnknownOrnamentalNeutral
Cherry Bomb Pepper Cherry Bomb Pepper Medium2,5005,0003,7500.710annuumUSACulinarySweet
Cowhorn Pepper Cowhorn Pepper Medium2,5005,0003,7500.710annuumSouth AmericaCulinarySweet
Guajillo Pepper Guajillo Pepper Substitute Medium2,5005,0003,7500.710annuumMexicoCulinaryTangy, Crisp, Smoky
Jalafuego Pepper Jalafuego pepper Medium4,0006,0005,0000.950annuumMexicoCulinaryBright, Grassy
Chimayo Pepper Chimayo Pepper Medium4,0006,0005,0000.950annuumUSACulinarySmoky, Earthy
Sandia Pepper Sandia Pepper Medium5,0007,0006,0001.140annuumUSACulinarySweet
Hatch Pepper Hatch pepper Medium1,0008,0004,5000.86-3 to 0annuumUSACulinaryButtery, Earthy
Jalapeño Pepper jalapeno pepper Medium2,5008,0005,2501.000annuumMexicoCulinaryBright, Grassy
Purple Jalapeño Pepper Purple Jalapeno Pepper Medium2,5008,0005,2501.000annuumMexicoCulinaryBright, Sweet
Chipotle Pepper chipotle pepper Medium2,5008,0005,2501.000annuumMexicoCulinarySmoky, Earthy
Puya Pepper Puya Pepper Medium5,0008,0006,5001.240annuumMexicoCulinarySweet, Fruity, Bitter
Pretty in Purple Pepper Pretty in Purple pepper Medium4,0008,0006,0001.140annuumUSAOrnamentalNeutral
Fresno Pepper Fresno Pepper Medium2,50010,0006,2501.190annuumUSACulinarySweet, Fruity, Smoky
Hungarian Wax Pepper Hungarian wax pepper Medium5,00010,0007,5001.430 to 4annuumHungaryCulinarySweet, Tangy
Black Hungarian Pepper Black Hungarian Pepper Medium5,00010,0007,5001.430 to 4annuumHungaryCulinarySweet
Aleppo Pepper Aleppo pepper Medium10,00010,00010,0001.900 to 4annuumSyriaCulinaryBright, Tart, Earthy, Salty
Peter Pepper peter pepper Medium10,00023,00016,5003.140 to 9annuumUSACulinaryBright, Sweet
Serrano Pepper Serrano Pepper Medium10,00023,00016,5003.140 to 9annuumMexicoCulinaryBright, Grassy
Sport Pepper Sport Peppers Medium10,00023,00016,5003.140 to 9annuumUSACulinaryNeutral, Tangy
Bishop's Crown Pepper Bishops Crown Pepper Medium5,00030,00017,5003.330 to 12baccatumSouth AmericaCulinarySweet, Fruity
Hinkelhatz Pepper Hinkelhatz Pepper Medium5,00030,00017,5003.330 to 12annuumUSACulinaryNeutral
Royal Black Pepper Royal Black pepper Medium5,00030,00017,5003.330 to 12annuumUnknownOrnamentalNeutral
Black Prince Pepper Black Prince pepper Medium5,00030,00017,5003.330 to 12annuumMexicoOrnamentalNeutral
Count Dracula Pepper Count Dracula pepper Medium5,00030,00017,5003.330 to 12annuumUnknownOrnamentalNeutral
Bulgarian Carrot Pepper Bulgarian carrot pepper Medium5,00030,00017,5003.330 to 12annuumBulgariaCulinarySweet, Fruity, Crisp
Fish Pepper Fish pepper Medium5,00030,00017,5003.330 to 12annuumUSACulinaryBright
Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Medium10,00030,00020,0003.814 to 12annuumBoliviaOrnamentalNeutral
Black Pearl Pepper black pearl pepper Medium10,00030,00020,0003.814 to 12annuumUSAOrnamentalCitrusy
Manzano Pepper Manzano Pepper Medium12,00030,00021,0004.002 to 12pubescensSouth AmericaCulinarySweet, Citrusy
Japones Pepper Japones Pepper Medium15,00030,00022,5004.292 to 12annuumJapanCulinaryNeutral
Lemon Drop Pepper Lemon drop pepper Medium15,00030,00022,5004.292 to 12baccatumPeruCulinarySweet, Fruity, Citrusy
Chile De Arbol Chile de Arbol Medium15,00030,00022,5004.292 to 12annuumMexicoCulinaryNutty, Smoky
Jwala Pepper Jwala Pepper Medium20,00030,00025,0004.763 to 12annuumIndiaCulinarySweet, Fruity
Inca Red Drop Pepper Inca Red Drop pepper Medium10,00030,00020,0003.812 to 12baccatumPeruOrnamentalFruity, Sweet
Aji Colorado aji colorado Medium20,00030,00025,0004.763 to 12baccatumPeruCulinaryFruity, Sweet
Aji Pineapple aji pineapple Medium20,00030,00025,0004.763 to 12baccatumPeruCulinaryFruity, Sweet, Tropical
Little Elf Pepper Little Elf pepper Medium20,00030,00025,0004.763 to 12annuumHungaryOrnamentalEarthy
Bod'e Pepper Bod'e Pepper Medium30,00032,00031,0005.904 to 13chinenseBrazilCulinaryFruity, Sweet, Smoky
Black Cobra Pepper Black Cobra Pepper Medium20,00040,00030,0005.713 to 16annuumSouth AmericaOrnamentalNeutral, Bitter
NuMex Twilight numex twilight Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20annuumUSAOrnamentalSalty, Bitter, Bright
Rooster Spur Pepper rooster spur pepper Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20annuumUSAOrnamentalPeppery
Explosive Ember Pepper Explosive Ember pepper Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20annuumUnknownOrnamentalSweet
Filius Blue Pepper filius blue pepper Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20annuumMexicoOrnamentalNeutral
Aurora Pepper aurora pepper Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20annuumMexicoOrnamentalNeutral
Aji Amarillo aji amarillo Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20baccatumPeruCulinarySweet, Fruity, Tropical, Bright
Aji Charapita Aji Charapita Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20chinensePeruCulinarySweet, Fruity
Aji Omnicolor Aji Omnicolor Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20baccatumPeruOrnamentalFruity, Sweet
Tabasco Pepper tabasco pepper Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20frutescensCosta RicaCulinarySmoky
Cayenne Pepper Cayenne Pepper Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20annuumFrench GuyanaCulinaryNeutral
Super Chili Pepper Super Chili Pepper Medium40,00050,00045,0008.575 to 20annuumUSAOrnamentalNeutral
Satan's Kiss Pepper Satan’s Kiss Pepper Medium40,00050,00045,0008.575 to 25annuumItalyCulinaryNeutral
Buena Mulata Pepper Buena Mulata Peppers Medium30,00050,00040,0007.624 to 20AnnuumUnited StatesOrnamentalSweet
Black Cuban Pepper Black Cuban pepper Medium40,00058,00049,0009.335 to 23annuumCubaOrnamentalNeutral
Pequin Pepper Pequin pepper Medium40,00060,00050,0009.525 to 24annuumMexicoCulinarySmoky, Fruity
Dundicut Pepper Dried Dundicut Pepper Extra Hot55,00065,00060,00011.437 to 26annuumPakistanCulinaryFruity, Earthy
Calico Pepper Calico pepper Extra Hot50,00070,00060,00011.436 to 28annuumMexicoOrnamentalNeutral
Tien Tsin Pepper Tien Tsin Pepper Extra Hot50,00075,00062,50011.906 to 30annuumChinaCulinaryNeutral
Cheiro Roxa Cheiro Roxa Extra Hot60,00080,00070,00013.338 to 32chinenseBrazilCulinaryFruity, Sweet, Bitter
Prairie Fire Pepper Prairie Fire Pepper Extra Hot70,00080,00075,00014.299 to 32annuumMexicoOrnamentalFruity, Tangy
Rocoto Pepper Capsicum Pubescens (Rocoto Pepper) Extra Hot30,000100,00065,00012.384 to 40pubescensSouth AmericaCulinarySweet, Fruity, Grassy
Malagueta Pepper Malagueta pepper Extra Hot50,000100,00075,00014.296 to 40frutescensBrazilCulinarySweet, Tangy
Byadgi Chili byadgi chili Extra Hot50,000100,00075,00014.296 to 40annuumIndiaCulinarySweet
Chiltepin Pepper Chiltepin pepper Extra Hot50,000100,00075,00014.296 to 40annuumUSACulinarySmoky, Earthy
Thai Pepper Thai Peppers Extra Hot50,000100,00075,00014.296 to 40annuumThailandCulinaryFruity
Charleston Hot Pepper Charleston Hot Pepper Extra Hot70,000100,00085,00016.199 to 40annuumUSACulinaryNeutral
Siling Labuyo siling labuyo Extra Hot80,000100,00090,00017.1410 to 40frutescensPhillipinesCulinaryNeutral
Apache Pepper Apache pepper Extra Hot80,000100,00090,00017.1410 to 40annuumUnknownCulinarySweet
Peri-Peri Pepper Peri-Peri-Pepper Extra Hot50,000100,00075,00014.296 to 40FrutescensAfricaCulinarySmoky, Sweet
Datil Pepper datil pepper Extra Hot100,000300,000200,00038.1012 to 120chinenseUSACulinarySweet, Fruity, Tropical
Cumari do Para cumari do para Extra Hot50,000300,000175,00033.336 to 120chinenseBrazilCulinaryFruity, Sweet, Tropical
Madame Jeanette Pepper Madame Jeanette Pepper Extra Hot125,000325,000225,00042.8615 to 130chinenseSouth AmericaCulinarySweet, Tropical
Aji Chombo Aji Chombo Extra Hot125,000325,000225,00042.8615 to 130chinensePanamaCulinarySweet, Fruity, Tropical
Devil's Tongue Pepper devils tongue pepper Extra Hot125,000325,000225,00042.8615 to 130chinenseUSACulinarySweet, Fruity, Citrusy
Wiri Wiri Pepper wiri wiri pepper Extra Hot100,000350,000225,00042.8612 to 140chinenseSouth AmericaCulinaryFruity, Tangy
Scotch Bonnet Pepper scotch bonnet substitute Extra Hot100,000350,000225,00042.8612 to 140chinenseCaribbeanCulinarySweet, Fruity, Tropical, Earthy
Habanero Pepper Habanero-Pepper-Plant-Very-Very-Hot-0 Extra Hot100,000350,000225,00042.8612 to 140chinenseSouth AmericaCulinarySweet, Fruity, Tropical, Smoky
Peruvian White Habanero Peruvian White Habanero Extra Hot100,000350,000225,00042.8612 to 140chinensePeruCulinarySweet, Fruity
Goat Pepper Goat pepper Extra Hot100,000350,000225,00042.8612 to 140chinenseCaribbeanCulinarySweet, Tropical
Peach Habanero habanero peach Extra Hot150,000350,000250,00047.6218 to 140ChinenseCaribbeanCulinarySweet, Fruity
Fatalii Pepper Fatalii pepper Extra Hot125,000400,000262,50050.0014 to 160chinenseAfricaCulinarySweet, Fruity, Citrusy
Hot Paper Lantern Hot Paper Lantern Extra Hot150,000400,000275,00052.3819 to 160chinensePeruCulinarySweet, Smoky
Caribbean Red Habanero Caribbean Red Habanero Super Hot300,000445,000372,50070.9535 to 178chinenseMexicoCulinarySweet, Fruity, Tropical, Smoky
Roatan Pumpkin Habanero Roatan pumpkin habanero Super Hot100,000500,000300,00057.1412 to 200chinenseCaribbeanCulinarySweet, Fruity, Citrusy
Red Savina Habanero red savina habanero Super Hot350,000577,000463,50088.2944 to 231chinenseUSACulinarySweet, Fruity
Chocolate Habanero chocolate habanero Super Hot425,000577,000501,00095.4353 to 231chinenseJamaicaCulinarySweet, Fruity, Earthy, Smoky
7 Pot Bubblegum 7 Pot Bubblegum Super Hot800,0001,000,000900,000171.43106 to 400chinenseUnited KingdomCulinarySweet, Fruity
7 Pot Jonah 7 Pot Jonah Super Hot800,0001,000,000900,000171.43100 to 480chinenseTrinidadCulinarySweet, Fruity
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate bhut jolokia chocolate Super Hot800,0001,001,304900,652171.55100 to 400chinenseIndiaCulinarySweet, Fruity, Earthy, Smoky
Ghost Pepper ghost pepper Super Hot855,0001,041,427948,214180.61107 to 417chinenseIndiaCulinarySweet, Fruity, Earthy
Trinidad 7 Pot Pepper Trinidad 7 pot pepper Super Hot1,000,0001,200,0001,100,000209.52125 to 480chinenseTrinidadCulinarySweet, Fruity, Nutty
Infinity Pepper Infinity Pepper Super Hot1,067,2861,250,0001,158,643220.69133 to 500chinenseUnited KingdomCulinarySweet, Fruity
7 Pot Primo 7 Pot Primo Super Hot800,0001,268,2501,034,125196.98100 to 507chinenseUSACulinarySweet, Fruity, Citrusy, Floral
7 Pot Barrackpore 7 Pot Barrackpore Super Hot1,000,0001,300,0001,150,000219.05125 to 520chinenseTrinidadCulinarySweet, Fruity, Bright, Bitter
7 Pot Brain Strain 7 Pot Brain Strain Super Hot1,000,0001,350,0001,175,000223.81125 to 540chinenseTrinidadCulinarySweet, Fruity
Naga Viper Naga Viper Super Hot900,0001,382,1181,141,059217.34113 to 553chinenseIndiaCulinarySweet, Fruity, Tangy
Trinidad Scorpion "Butch-T" trinidad scorpion butch t Super Hot800,0001,463,7001,131,850215.59100 to 585chinenseAustraliaCulinarySweet, Fruity
Naga Morich Naga Morich Super Hot1,000,0001,500,0001,250,000238.10125 to 600chinenseUnited KingdomCulinarySweet, Fruity
Dorset Naga Dorset Naga Pepper Super Hot1,000,0001,598,2271,299,114247.45125 to 639chinenseUnited KingdomCulinarySweet, Fruity, Floral
7 Pot Douglah 7 pot douglah Super Hot923,8891,853,9861,388,938264.56109 to 742chinenseTrinidadCulinarySweet, Fruity, Earthy, Nutty
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Trinidad moruga scorpion Super Hot1,200,0002,000,0001,600,000304.76150 to 800chinenseTrinidadCulinarySweet, Fruity
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate Super Hot1,200,0002,000,0001,600,000304.76150 to 800chinenseTrinidadCulinarySweet, Fruity, Earthy, Smoky
Carolina Reaper Carolina Reaper Super Hot1,400,0002,200,0001,800,000342.86175 to 880chinenseUSACulinarySweet, Fruity
Komodo Dragon Pepper Komodo Dragon Pepper Super Hot1,400,0002,200,0001,800,000342.86175 to 880chinenseUnited KingdomCulinarySweet, Fruity
Dragon’s Breath Pepper dragons breath pepper Super Hot2,480,0002,480,0002,480,000472.38310 to 992chinenseUnited KingdomCulinarySweet, Fruity
Pepper X Pepper X Super Hot3,180,0003,180,0003,180,000605.71? - 1272chinenseUSACulinarySweet, Fruity
Pepper Spray Pepper spray Super Hot2,000,0005,300,0003,650,000695.24250 to 2,120N/AN/ACulinary
Capsaicin capsaicin Super Hot15,000,00016,000,00015,500,0002,952.381,875 to 6,400N/AN/ACulinary


Heat: Mild, Medium, Hot, or Scorching-Hot. You get the picture. We break them down by color (green, yellow, orange, red). This is the simplest way to explore our hot pepper list and get an idea of where things sit. Note – “Medium” is plenty hot here. It contains the likes of jalapeños and cayenne peppers which many with milder tastes find very spicy.

SHU: Scoville heat units. The units by which the Scoville scale is measured (read more about them here). It is the key numerical value of our (or any) hot pepper list.

Min/Max SHU: Even individual hot peppers have a range of heat, depending on where they are grown, how long they’ve matured, and even the amount of sun they’ve received. The minimum SHU is the mildest a pepper could be, the maximum SHU is the hottest possible for the variety.

Median SHU: The number exactly in the middle between the minimum and maximum Scoville heat units of the pepper. This gives us one number by which to compare our jalapeño reference point.

JalRP: Jalapeño reference point. Our hot pepper list gives you a perspective of how hot these peppers really are by comparing them against a reference point most everyone has tried. We offer this data in two ways:

  • Decimal: Based on the median heat of the peppers. The jalapeno is “1” and the other peppers are either less than one (less spicy) or above one (hotter). As you’ll see some peppers are much, much hotter than a jalapeño. You can read the hotter pepper numbers as “X times hotter than a jalapeño”. For instance, the median heat of a habanero (at 42.86) is nearly 43 times hotter than the median heat of a jalapeño.
  • Range: Based on the minimum and maximum SHUs of the pepper. We offer this option in the Fast Facts pop-up. It shows how the range of potential times hotter/milder given each chili has a range of heat.

Origin: Where the chili pepper has its roots. Try typing an origin into the search filter to see all chilies from that region. All chili peppers are native to South and Central America, but here we consider “origin” as the place where the pepper is now regionally connected or primarily cultivated.

Use: We reference the typical use case: culinary or ornamental. Note, all ornamental peppers are also edible, so consider that when exploring the list. Many, though, are not as flavorful (and often surprisingly spicy) as they are grown for looks, instead of flavor or mildness.

Flavor: Our hot pepper list breaks down the overall basic flavor of each chili pepper, using a common glossary of terms: sweet, fruity, citrusy, tropical, smoky, earthy, crisp, floral, nutty, bright, grassy, salty, peppery (as in black peppery), and tangy. This is a simplified description to give you a starting point to considering flavor. We highly recommend clicking through to our pepper profile for more detail on the overall heat and flavor profile of each pepper. As the heat rises on the Scoville scale it becomes harder to detect the nuances of flavor, but they are still there.

Note: we do use the term “neutral” in flavor. By neutral here we mean simply a standard fresh pepper taste without any distinct flavor nuance.

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