Cool Food Posters Starring Hot Peppers

Looking to spice up your walls?

How about some food posters starring some of the tastiest hot peppers around. Pepper posters have been a favorite for the dining room, cafe, and kitchen art for a while now. Some are very famous, like Mark Miller’s well-known Great Chile Poster series. Others you may be less aware of, but they are just as tasty looking for the hot pepper aficionados out there.

Here’s our favorites that’ll remind you everyday of the wide variety of hot peppers out there. They make for some mighty fine chili pepper decor.

Great Chile Poster (fresh) by Mark Miller

The most famous hot pepper poster out there. 

Celeb chef Mark Miller is the creator of the greatest chili pepper poster around, hands down. He’s made a living with spicy, his Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe is as popular now as ever and his Great Chile Book is one of the best hot pepper handbooks out there. The Great Chile Poster measures in at 36 inches by 24 inches and covers the wide scope of the Scoville scale beautifully.

Great Chile Poster (dried) by Mark Miller

The flip side to chilies. 

We are a big fan of the dried version of Mark Miller’s Great Chile Poster. The fresh version above may be more popular, but dried chilies have a look (and a taste) all their own, from the ancho to chipotle and more. If you like the idea of pairing the fresh and dried versions of these posters together as kitchen art, you can get them as a set at a discount.

Howard Shooter Picante Art Print Poster

Rustic charm for both classic and modern homes. 

Pro food photographer Howard Shooter sure does bring out the beauty of hot peppers in his popular food poster. It’s all about simplicity. Aged white wood planks are the backdrop to a variety of red chilies, both fresh and dried. It’s got a country chic style that would look excellent in rustic theme rooms. And the color palette (just white and chili pepper red) make this poster an easy one to work into more modern styles as well.

Spicy Chiles, Fresh and Dried, Ziegler & Keating Gourmet Kitchen Poster

Hot peppers with a thin poster profile.

If you’re seeking a food poster that covers the wide world of chilies for a thinner kitchen wall, look no further. These are similar in style (and color) to Mark Miller’s but their overall profile is slimmer, making them perfect for that randomly sized space.

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content. It was originally published on December 8, 2013.