Top Flavored Salt Choices For Spicy Food Fanatics

Salty and spicy go hand in hand, and there’s no better way to enjoy that than with spicy flavored salt! You can spice up any food very quickly with flavored salt featuring some of the hottest peppers in the world. Use it anywhere where you’d be salting the food and potentially adding a hot sauce or spicy marinade for a taste explosion. Eggs, meats, popcorn, pasta…you name it.

These flavored salts are typically 80% salt and 20% dried hot pepper, so super hot pepper varieties may be not quite as hot as you’re expecting. But that being said – the hottest options are still seriously hot. They are meant for the real spice fanatics that like things that challenge the taste buds. But there are others, like jalapeño flavored salt, that can bring just a tick of heat to any dish in a way that many will enjoy!

See three terrific choices with varying degrees of spice below. Once you try a spicy flavored salt, you’ll definitely want to keep one in your cupboard.

The Spice Lab’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper Sea Salt

Starring the infamous (and super spicy) bhut jolokia!

Spice Lab’s ghost pepper sea salt is extremely popular. The ghost pepper (also known as bhut jolokia) is up there in terms of overall heat – one of the top out there (and once upon a time the hottest). But it’s more popular than the chili above it (see the salt below) because of the cool name and the infamous videos of people eating ghost peppers raw.

A sprinkle of this ghost pepper salt (that’s all you need) can really bring a unique twist to your dishes. Again – incredible spicy, so try only a small sprinkle before committing to more.

The Spice Lab’s Jalapeño Pepper Sea Salt

The perfect spicy salt for everyday use. 

Many don’t think of jalapeño as a mild to medium hot pepper, but it definitely is – especially when mixed into a flavored salt like this one. The heat drops down considerably while still offering a decent punch. This is about as family-friendly as you get in terms of spicy condiments. Most people will have no problem at all with this level, giving you a lot of options for adding flavor to your dishes.

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sea Salt

One of the hottest salts in the world…

Really know that going in. This is a salt that brings it, and then brings it again. The Trinidad Scorpion pepper is among the hottest chilies out there. Crazy heat. In fact, it can be double the heat of the ghost pepper above. Commit to this salt only as a serious chilihead. But if you love spicy things, this is one unique and tasty sea salt, no doubt!

UPDATE NOTICE: This post was updated on September 5, 2019 to include new content. It was originally published on January 11, 2014.