Chipotle Pop Quiz: Test Your Pepper Knowledge

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How well do you know this popular dried chili?

Let’s pop quiz your knowledge of the popular chipotle pepper! Below are 10 questions. Can you answer them all correctly? We let you know how you do on each question in real time, so this is a fun way to get the basics down on the chipotle.

All answers can be discovered here at PepperScale. Our chipotle peppers 101 profile is the best place to start. Also check out our hot pepper list to get a fuller picture on how the chipotle compares to other chilies on the Scoville scale. There’s more to discover, too, so have fun and explore!

Let’s begin the chipotle pepper pop quiz…

Chipotle Pepper Pop Quiz
Chipotle chilies are
How hot are chipotle peppers?
What color pepper is used to make a chipotle pepper?
What do chipotle peppers taste like (beyond spicy)?
Which is hotter? Chipotle pepper or ancho pepper?
Where do chipotle peppers originate?
Can chipotle peppers taste hotter than jalapeños on average?
Do chipotle peppers have a sweet undertone?
What capsicum species is the chipotle pepper?
You have chipotle powder and cayenne powder in your spice rack? Which is hotter?

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