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spicy mexican hot chocolate cookies

Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate (times two) meets smoky chipotle pepper…

You can’t go wrong with rich chocolatey cookies with a hint of smoky spiciness. That’s the premise behind these spicy Mexican hot chocolate cookies. Cocoa powder and chocolate chips provide a sweet foil to smoky chipotle powder and fiery cayenne pepper. It’s a mouth explosion of earthy sweet and a wisp of smoke and heat.

As an extra touch try dusting these cookies with a little touch of chipotle powder before serving. Just a light dusting provides a more immediate smoky heat experience.

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Spicy Apple Chips

Spicy Apple Chips

A perfect healthy on-the-go spicy snack…

Fruity sweet, crisp, and spicy – spicy apple chips are a real healthy treat, especially if you’re the “on the go” type.Put a handful into a ziploc bag and go! They are perfect for lunches and afternoon snacks.

The recipe mixes cinnamon and cayenne pepper powder. It’s a perfect pairing in our book – earthy sweet and spicy, without being over-spiced to the point where the heat is secondary. Of course, feel free to experiment with additional spices, too. A touch of nutmeg or allspice can be a great adaptation to the base recipe.

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Spicy Dilly Beans

Spicy Dilly Beans

A crunchy and spicy treat!

You may know dilly beans by another name – pickled green beans. However you name it, spicy dilly beans are a total treat to eat. The cayenne pepper powder provides a nice little spice to go along with the delicious dill freshness and pickled tang.

Plus, green beans are so good pickled – their crunch lasts and lasts, so the last dilly bean tastes just as good as the first! That’s, of course, if a jar lasts you more than a sitting. This is the kind of spicy snack that you can devour pretty quickly. 

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Sriracha Popcorn

Sriracha Popcorn

A quick and tasty spicy snack…

Hot sauce and popcorn are a terrific snacking mix. Buttery, salty, and fiery – all are here and it only takes a couple of minutes to pull together. And we’d go to bat for Sriracha sauce being the perfect hot sauce for the job. It adds a little garlic undertone to the popcorn flavor, and just enough heat to be enjoyable for party snacking. Feel free to adjust the amount of Rooster sauce and salt used to better fit your heat tolerance and dietary needs. 

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Habanero Chocolate Sauce

Habanero Chocolate Sauce

Rich and fire-filled…

Habanero chocolate sauce is a healthy step up from our cayenne chocolate sauce recipe. Habanero pepper ranges 100,000 to 350,000  Scoville heat units while cayenne a “mere” 30,000 – 50,000. Cayenne is plenty hot for most people, so know that going in. Habanero has serious extra-hot kick.

That said – if you love extra spicy foods and rich chocolate, this is a pairing made in heaven. It’s delicious poured on ice cream, spread on chocolate cake, or drizzled on fruit (habanero chocolate strawberries are wicked good). Habanero pepper powder is not easy to source in brick and mortar stores (but we carry it for sale as a PepperScale spice), so you can use habanero hot sauce instead. It won’t have the same overall punch. Unlike pure habanero powder, habanero in hot sauce is diluted by other ingredients. It’s still hot, but nowhere near the powdered form. Choose a habanero hot sauce that’s tomato-based, not vinegar-based. El Yucateco Red Habanero hot sauce is a good choice for this recipe if you decide to go the hot sauce route.

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Spicy Cinnamon Pecans

Spicy Cinnamon Pecans

A delicious spice rack snack pairing…

The mix of cinnamon and cayenne pepper is one of those spice rack dynamic duos. Cinnamon has that exotic warmth, that sweet earthy flair. And cayenne? Well, it will punch you right in the taste buds. It adds extra life to that homey cinnamon warmth, and we think the pecan is the perfect snacking vehicle for this spice rack combo – crunchy, sweet, and nutty. Share these as a snack side on your holiday table. They’re also perfect to crumble up as a topping for ice cream and other desserts.

For those only marginally heat-inclined, we recommend sticking with that half a teaspoon of cayenne. It’ll have a nice, family-friendly heat. If you’re a spicy food fan, feel free to add an additional quarter to half a teaspoon if you’d like.

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Spicy Pumpkin Pudding

Spicy Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin sweet, with a hint of heat…

Now this is a pumpkin pudding with punch! This isn’t simply a spiced pumpkin pudding, this is spicy. A touch of cayenne pepper powder among that pumpkin pie spice provides the sizzle. It really adds a balance to the sweetness of the vanilla pudding and pumpkin in the recipe. If you aren’t ready to invest the time into baking a cayenne-spiced pumpkin pie, this quick-to-make dessert is a terrific alternative. Topped with granola and nuts, it even has a crust-like crunch with each spoonful. 

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