Spicy BBQ Shrimp

Spicy BBQ Shrimp

Grilled with a quick spicy rub…

When you’ve got your grill on, time is often of the essence. You’re likely cooking for friends and family, so the less time you have to spend seasoning and grilling, the more time you have to enjoy these special moments. Yet, you want your food to taste stellar – and in our case deliciously spicy – there’s no doubt. Enter the quick and dirty BBQ spice rub, perfect for making a batch of spicy BBQ shrimp in minutes.

The homemade spice rub in this recipe leans heavily on chili powder and cumin to provide an earthy simmer, but underneath it all is a smoky heat brought to life by smoked paprika. The rub takes only minutes to make and the shrimp grill up in mere minutes as well. In fact, what takes the most time is heating up the grill and soaking the skewers prior to use.

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Cajun Scallops

Cajun Scallops

Cajun kick…

Whether as a deliciously fiery appetizer or healthy entree, Cajun scallops are a must for your spicy kitchen repertoire. They take only a few minutes to make, yet you would never guess that from the delicious flavor. Seriously, your flavor to time ratio is wicked high with this spicy recipe.

Cajun seasoning, of course, is the primary seasoning (which typically includes both cayenne and paprika), but we kick it up a notch with an extra pinch of cayenne pepper powder to fire things up even more. Serve them over a simple bed of lettuce to let the Cajun flavors be the star. Or add them to a simple pasta to bring a basic dinner to life. 

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Old Bay shrimp salad

Old Bay Shrimp Salad

Bring on the Bay love… Earthy and ever-so-lightly spicy, Old Bay seasoning delivers a delicious punch to your traditional shrimp salad. Old Bay shrimp salad is a go-to if you love that earthy Chesapeake flavor (like we do) – it adds … Read more

Grilled sriracha shrimp

Grilled Sriracha Shrimp

A fiery marinade for your favorite grilling shellfish.

Grilled shrimp are one of those perfect marinade foods. Their subtle, yet meaty taste take to new flavors perfectly. That’s especially true when you have a marinade with the fiery heart of Sriracha ready to go. This grilled Sriracha shrimp recipe balances the savory heat with a hint of the tropics from coconut oil and lime juice. Simply tasty, and easy to make too. You’ll find yourself returning to this simple marinade season after season. 

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