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spicy red enchilada sauce

Spicy Red Enchilada Sauce

Smoky and bold…

You can’t go wrong with a delicious smoky and spicy red enchilada sauce. Whether you want to layer it atop of your enchiladas prior to baking or simply use it as a dipper side to the plate, it provides a ton of flavor to any enchilada type. This recipe makes enough sauce for four enchiladas (1/2 cup each of sauce) if you’re going the baking route. Adjust up if you’re baking more.

Chipotle peppers provide both heat and smokiness here, with additional spiciness coming from cayenne pepper. Of course, adjust as you need based on your spicy food tolerance. The cayenne pepper can be removed completely without a change to overall flavor (beyond the spiciness).

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chipotle lime crema

Chipotle Lime Crema

Creamy with smoky heat…

Chipotle lime crema is a simple recipe – five ingredients and five minutes to complete. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. The chipotle pepper and adobo sauce behind this sauce brings a delicious smoky fieriness to the crema, that – paired with the fresh flavor of lime –  makes it a perfect topping for tacos (both fish tacos and beef work here), soups, and salads alike. It’s also a simple, yet delicious dipper for chips and vegetables.

Try it, too, as a sandwich spread, but we actually prefer our creamy chipotle sauce recipe a little more for this use case. It uses mayonnaise as a base (instead of sour cream or greek yogurt like the crema here) which provides a delicious tang to meats and vegetables.

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jalapeno arugula aioli

Jalapeño Arugula Aioli

A fresh tasting dip or spread…

When you first think arugula and jalapeño, you may not think there’s much in common. But there’s a lot more “there” there than you may think. Arugula, with its fresh peppery taste, pairs so well with the bright, grassy flavor of jalapeño peppers. It makes for one delicious aioli that’s perfect either as a dip or a spread. It’s particularly good on veggie sandwiches or go hearty and try it as a side to steak. It’s a fresh (and lightly fiery) sauce that’s pretty versatile even with its unique flavor.

Jalapeño peppers are typically hot enough for most. But, if you’re like us, you may want to increase the heat up a notch. We recommend adjusting the chili pepper used instead of increasing the amount of jalapeños used. Serrano peppers have a similar (though not exact) bright flavor, but they are a notch up on the pepper scale – often twice as hot (or even more) than a jalapeño.

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ancho pumpkin soup

Ancho Pumpkin Soup

Lightly smoky and sweet…

Ancho pepper is mild – merely a tickle on the taste buds in terms of spiciness – but there’s plenty of flavor behind this Mexican chili. It’s smoky, earthy, and a little sweet – all of which are perfectly paired with the fall flavors in pumpkin. This is one soup the whole family can enjoy and those that like “spiced” pumpkin dishes will certainly feel at home with the touches of cinnamon and cumin to boot. As a twist on the recipe, consider using maple syrup instead of brown sugar. It doubles down on the sweetness of the soup.

If you’re a spicy food fan with a love for pumpkin soup, be sure to check out some of our other options, like Thai pumpkin soup or one with a Moroccan flair.

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spicy blood orange margarita

Spicy Blood Orange Margarita

One intense orange cocktail…

Blood oranges are such a delicious fruit. Take a normal orange and multiply its flavor by two – it’s just a perfect sweetness, almost berry-like, with that delicious orange tang. This is one bold fruit that matches very well with the spiciness of chili peppers and tequila. This spicy blood orange margarita is one memorable cocktail for all of the above. It’s boldly sweet, spicy, and refreshing.

The recipe uses fresh jalapeño peppers as the heat source, but you could choose to use jalapeño simple syrup instead (or even habanero simple syrup if you want something real spicy). See the recipe notes for details and spicy simple syrup recipe links.

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spicy blue cheese dressing

Spicy Blue Cheese Dressing

Spicy isn’t just for those buffalo wings…

Pairing fire with fire can be a ton of fun on game day or party night – fiery buffalo wings and a fiery dipping sauce. Cayenne pepper is the fiery fuel in this spicy blue cheese dressing (and you can opt for a little Sriracha sauce as well for extra heat – see the notes). This spicy dressing is also delicious on salads and hamburgers, so keep the recipe at the ready no matter the time of year.

Spicy blue cheese dressing is also a quick way to add some spice to way-to-mild chicking wing recipes. It takes just a few minutes to make, but provides plenty of punch!

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habanero lemonade

Habanero Lemonade

Refreshing with a bold twist…

Habanero lemonade plays with fire in all the right ways. This is one seriously bold drink that’s full of contrasts: tangy and sweet, fiery and thirst quenching. And (for the adults over 21 in the room), it’s a delicious pairing with vodka or bourbon for a memorable spicy cocktail.

If habanero peppers are too fiery for you, take a look at our jalapeño lemonade instead. Jalapeño peppers are just a hint of spice compared to the extra-hot spiciness of the habanero. Plus, they may be easier to source if your grocer tends not to stock the spiciest of chilies.

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Chipotle Honey Mustard Dressing

Chipotle Honey Mustard Dressing

Don’t think salads only…

There are many delicious uses for chipotle honey mustard dressing. Yes, it’s great on salads, but don’t stop there. That smoky chipotle pepper flavor, mustard tang, and honey sweetness make a perfect trio as a sandwich spread, a burger topping, or a chicken finger dip. It’s a dressing with a relatively bold flavor, so it works with white meats as well as beef.

We use a full teaspoon of chipotle powder in this recipe. It’s not super-hot, but not exactly mild spiciness either. If you prefer to temper the spiciness (at least to start), use half a teaspoon of chipotle powder and add to taste.

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jalapeño cheddar popcorn

Jalapeño Cheddar Popcorn

A snack time favorite turned up a notch…

Mixing sharp cheddar flavor with bright and spicy jalapeño pepper is a great way to boost the presence of a snack time favorite. Jalapeño cheddar popcorn won’t overwhelm you on heat (unless you want it to), so this is still a pretty family-friendly cheese popcorn option for movie night or parties. Jalapeño powder may be difficult to buy at your local grocer, but we offer it at our spicery so get ready to add this delicious green powder to your spice rack.

Of course, you can add additional jalapeño powder if you want to boost up that spiciness (or more cheddar cheese powder for some more sharpness), but we let the choice be yours here. If you like this recipe, be sure to check out some of our other spicy popcorn recipes that’ll totally elevate your snack game.

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Chipotle Cocktail Sauce

Chipotle Cocktail Sauce

Smoky spice with horseradish bite…

Like a little smoky edge to your sauces? Don’t ignore what chipotle peppers can bring to the table. This chipotle cocktail sauce brings plenty of horseradish spiciness, but with the extra earthy smoky zip of chipotle in adobo sauce. It’s a bold combo that’s perfect for those that believe everything tastes better when it’s a touch smoky. Try it with shrimp cocktail or fried shrimp.

If you like the idea of earthy without as much smoke, take a look at our Cajun cocktail sauce recipe as well. It’s got a lot of Southern charm.

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