Spicy Mongolian Beef

Spicy Mongolian Beef

Meaty and crisp, salty and sweet… There’s a special place in our hearts for spicy Mongolian beef. It’s all the delicious combos you find in this simple meal that make it so great: meaty and crisp, salty and spicy, warm and … Read more

Spicy Chicken Strips

Spicy Chicken Strips

Chicken tender double BAM! You’re going to love these spicy chicken strips. It’s not only the breading that has kick, it’s also the meat. The chicken tenders are marinated in buttermilk and Tabasco hot sauce. Then, things get extra spicy with … Read more

Smoked Paprika Steak

Smoked Paprika Steak

Smoky bite…

Want a quick way to smoke up your steak and add a little fiery sizzle too? Smoked paprika is the answer. Just a little as a pre-grill seasoning with it, plus kosher salt and black pepper, brings a ton of flavor to your meat.

If “smoky” isn’t your thing, you could opt for generic paprika instead to get that chili pepper sizzle still. For extra spice, opt for hot paprika, though, you may want to adjust the amount used, at least until you are comfortable with the heat jump.

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Pepperoncini Beef

Pepperoncini Beef

Simple and delicious…

Sometimes the simplest ingredient list can turn out the most delicious results. That’s the beauty of pepperoncini beef. It’s pretty much a chuck roast, a jar of pepperoncini peppers, and some spices, but the flavor impact just seems like so much more.

This is a perfect slow cooker recipe for spicy sandwiches – simply stuff some hoagie rolls and you’re off to the races. Though, there’s many other uses too. Try it over rice, or use it as a stuffing for a delicious twist on stuffed bell peppers. Yes, you heard it right – pepper-stuffed peppers. There should be a law. 

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spicy Italian meatballs

Spicy Italian Meatballs

A bigger, badder meatball… There are many ways to spice up an Italian marinara or pasta dish, but definitely one of our favorites is to go directly for the spicy Italian meatball. Building the spice into the meat itself pairs deliciously … Read more

spicy beef stew

Spicy Beef Stew

Hearty comfort with a fiery side… We love the pairing of traditional comfort foods with a little extra spicy kick. It satisfies so many cravings all at once. Take, for instance, this spicy beef stew recipe: It provides the hearty comfort … Read more

spicy chicken curry

Spicy Chicken Curry

Spiced through and through… This spicy chicken curry is chock full of spices, from fiery cayenne pepper to flavorful garam masala. It’s a long list of ingredients, but don’t be fooled. This, like many curries, is surprisingly simple to pull together … Read more

Sriracha Bacon

Sizzlin’ Spiced Sriracha Bacon

Breakfast will never be the same…

Bacon, Sriracha, brown sugar, and allspice? Yes, please. There’s so much flavor in this sizzlin’ spiced Sriracha bacon recipe – all from only four simple ingredients. The brown sugar and allspice powder deliver a deliciously deep sweetness that pairs oh so right with the salty and spicy Sriracha flavor throughout. Your taste buds won’t know where to turn next.

If you’re concerned on the heat level, control it be lessening the Sriracha. Just be careful on spreading the amount you have evenly across the bacon. One tablespoon is easy to go through if you aren’t carefully measuring out a few drops at a time. If you want more heat, pull out the cayenne powder and cut the brown sugar and allspice mix with up to a teaspoon. 

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Slow Cooker Barbacoa

Spicy Slow Cooker Barbacoa

Big smoky flavor with extra spiciness…

A spicy slow cooker barbacoa is, to us, the perfect beef option for taco night or for juicy shredded beef sandwiches. The smoky spiciness of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce just makes people’s mouths water without even taking a first bite! This recipe is very similar to the barbacoa you’d find at Chipotle, the restaurant chain – but with a lot more kick with the healthy portion of chipotles and the dash of cayenne to top things off. If you’re concerned about too much spiciness, simply remove the cayenne and lower the amount of chipotles used from four to three. It’s still spicy, but without the double down on heat. 

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Spicy Beef Tacos

Spicy Beef Tacos

Spice up your taco night…

Sure you can reach for a packet of taco seasoning to prepare your ground beef for taco night, but why not dive into that spice rack and turn things up a notch instead? We amp up the spicy beef with cayenne pepper kick. That delicious taco earthiness is still there, too, with both chili powder and cumin delivering the flavors you expect. Your taco building station won’t know what hit it!

Note: If you want more heat….first, we’re with you. Second, increase the cayenne by 1/2 teaspoon increments, Don’t increase the amount of chili powder used (or reduce it proportionately). Chili powder contains many ingredients beyond chilies that add to the taco flavor, like garlic powder, oregano, and cumin. As a heat source, it’s diluted compared to cayenne and adding too much can over-spice the meat. 

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