Chorizo and shrimp fettuccine with pomodoro sauce

Chorizo And Shrimp Fettuccine With Pomodoro Sauce

Chorizo and shrimp fettuccine with pomodoro sauce is a pasta pleasure, conjuring Mediterranean sun and sea. Peppery chorizo and briny shrimp are paired in a rich tomato sauce that’s spiced with serrano peppers. Served over buttered fettuccine, every single flavor shines out brightly. All the … Read more

Beef churrasco with Argentine flatbreads and chimichurri

Beef Churrasco With Argentine Flatbreads And Chimichurri

Beef churrasco has a wonderfully elemental, almost primitive appeal. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Spicy strips of seared beefsteak are served on warm flatbreads, and topped by a sharp, herby sauce spiked with green serrano chili. The allure of beef churrasco’s flavor-packed … Read more

Extra-hot hellfire noodles

Extra-Hot Hellfire Noodles

This recipe is reserved for those that like things on the very edge of comfort. These extra-hot hellfire noodles lean into spiciness with a mix of Sriracha sauce, a healthy portion of cayenne pepper powder, and two chilies of your choice. I like to use … Read more

Sabich Meze-Style

Sabich: Meze-Style, A Perfect Share

It’s easy to see why sabich has a huge, homeland fan base in Israel. Packed in pita, this is a hand-held flavor bomb. It’s also great meze-style for sharing with friends and family, starring hot mango chutney, tahini sauce, fried eggplant, tomatoes, cucumber, and eggs. … Read more

Fabada-Style Pork and Beans Close-up

Fabada-Style Pork And Beans

Influenced by Spain, this fabada-style recipe takes pork and beans to a higher level. Smoked ham hock, chorizo sausage, and belly pork are simmered with cayenne pepper, paprika, cannellini beans, garlic, onions and potatoes. Big flavors, big servings. Result? Big applause. It’s delicious as a … Read more

Chilaquiles close-up

Chilaquiles: The Mexican Wave Of Breakfasts

For a happy weekend breakfast, chilaquiles tick all the right boxes. Coated by fiery salsa, crisped tortilla strips are topped with refried beans, tangy soured cream, salty feta, and softly poached eggs. It’s like two fab sunrises on one morning. Our chilaquiles are all about … Read more

Messy Mexican Burger

Messy Mexican Burger

If you like Mexican spice and don’t mind getting a little messy when you eat, then boy do we have a burger recipe for you. The messy Mexican burger packs a perfect amount of spice from pickled jalapeños and chili pepper (of your choice) in … Read more

Chorizo Frittata With Chili Jelly

Leftovers? Don’t use any in our chorizo frittata served with chili jelly, please. And don’t expect any after you’ve served it. This is a super special omelet with no space for refrigerator oddments. Instead, there’s that spicy chorizo, mushroom, potato, cayenne chili, and goat’s cheese. … Read more

Spicy herb chicken strips

Spicy Herb Chicken Strips

Here’s some fiery and herby goodness — spicy herb chicken strips make a perfect (and easy) appetizer or meal. You have so many possibilities. Serve them on their own with marinara sauce (or a dip of you choosing.) Pair this herb chicken with mashed potatoes … Read more

Lamb keema matar plated

Lamb Keema Matar: A Hidden Gem Of Curries

Lamb keema matar the epitome of curry — hot, spicy, and moreish. It’s a hugely popular, mostly home-cooked, family style dish from India and Pakistan that doesn’t often feature in restaurants. As an embodiment of curry, it’s a natural-born winner. And I like mine hot. … Read more