Marinades and Sauces

honey habanero sauce

Honey Habanero Sauce

Oh so sweet…and no doubt spicy… “Oh so sweet” honey and the “big time heat” habanero pepper may not first come to mind as a pairing for a marinade or dipping sauce, but the two actually work quite well together! … Read more

easy mole sauce

Easy Mole Sauce

Most ingredients you’ll have in a well-stocked kitchen… Sure, this isn’t the most authentic mole sauce recipe in town, but it’s definitely one of the simplest. Our easy mole sauce tastes great, too, with earthy flavors like you’d expect: cinnamon, cocoa … Read more

Chipotle Chicken Marinade

A perfect summertime spicy marinade.

Of course we’d opt for chipotle chicken marinade anytime of the year, but as a summertime sauce it’s out of this world. Rich, earthy, and of course loaded with a medium heat that doesn’t tend to overwhelm most palates.  It’s easy to whip together, too, with a chipotle peppers in adobo sauce base and a list of ingredients typically found in a well-stocked spice rack and refrigerator. Try it during your next outdoor barbecue or anytime of the year indoors with your favorite grill pan.

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Chile de Arbol Salsa

Chile De Àrbol Salsa

Smooth and deliciously nutty.

A surprisingly versatile chili – from decorative ristras to olive oil and beverage infusions – the chile de àrbol makes one tasty salsa too. There’s a nutty smokiness here that mellows the tomato tang and deepens the overall flavor of this smooth salsa. And it has a very eatable spicy kick – the chili falls nicely between the serrano and the cayenne pepper on the pepper scale. We love this salsa on tacos and burritos, and it’s savory enough to marinade steaks. Or just go simple and use it when you next need some tortilla chips and dip.

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Poblano Cream Sauce Recipe

Simmering smooth.

Want a cream sauce with an ever-so-mild heat for that poultry or fish dish? This poblano cream sauce recipe hits just the right notes.

Poblano chilies are very mild hot peppers, two to eight times milder than the jalapeño pepper. They are easy to find in many grocery stores, so it’s simple to pull this recipe together. Try it over chicken breast, turkey, or white fish. It’s very tasty.

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Orange Habanero Sauce

Tangy and tasty.

Whether you want a tangy sauce to marinade shrimp and chicken or a tart topper for a decadent dessert, an orange habanero sauce is spicy magic. First, you’re hit with that tangy orange bite, but that’s soon followed with the scorching kick of a chili that’s at least twelve times hotter than a jalapeño.

This isn’t a sauce for the timid,  but for those that love tangy heat, this is a simple and tasty sauce to whip up!

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raspberry habanero sauce

Easy Raspberry Habanero Sauce

Simple and fast to make!

Whether over barbecue, grilled chicken, or savory desserts, raspberry habanero sauce delivers a spicy tang that’ll wake up everyone’s tastebuds.

This recipe is super simple to pull together, needing only three ingredients. The habanero pepper is sautéed in the jam and cider vinegar mix, not processed into the sauce, so it’s spicy but not so intense as to be  solely for extreme eaters. Our favorite: try it over vanilla ice cream. It’s basic, but oh so tasty.

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Jalapeno Pesto

Jalapeño Pesto

A spicy alternative to your traditional pesto…

It doesn’t take much to turn your traditional pesto into something a lot spicier. Jalapeño pesto is very simple to make; it’s an excellent way to amp up the flavor of pasta and appetizers.

Is jalapeño not spicy enough for you? We understand. Take a trek up the pepper scale to serrano pepper and use it as a substitute. Opt for two serrano chilies as they tend to be smaller than the jalapeño.

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