Spicy chakalaka

Spicy Chakalaka: Southern Africa’s Multi-Tasking Wonder Dish

Hot, fiery, and incredibly versatile, spicy chakalaka is hugely popular across Southern Africa. The reason is simple. It can play Oscar-winning roles as a main course, side dish, or relish. I can’t think of anything I’ve eaten that has so many possibilities. Chilies might get … Read more

Chipotle chicken gravy

Chipotle Chicken Gravy

Gravy cooked from meat juices just cannot be beaten. The full-on flavor from the chicken and the smoky, fiery flavor from the chipotle chili make this chipotle chicken gravy truly irresistible. Everyone at the table will be asking for more. This recipe can be quite … Read more

Slightly Spiced Lemon Curd

Slightly Spiced Lemon Curd

Our slightly spiced lemon curd recipe is pretty traditional, with just a gentle hint of spice. You can use this tart and creamy concoction to liven up toasted bread, make a delightful cake filling, or even use as a cocktail base. The heat comes from cayenne … Read more

Spicy Morning Marmalade

Habanero Morning Marmalade (No Pectin)

If you need a strong kick in the morning to wake you up, forget the coffee and make some spicy habanero morning marmalade instead. Sticky, sweet, and zesty with just the right amount of spice, this recipe is a great way to use up any … Read more

Spicy Mango Chutney

Spicy Mango Chutney

Spicy mango chutney is a traditional Indian condiment used to spice up bread and rice. as well as meats like chicken or lamb. But it can be so much more, too. Fire up any party food using this chutney as a dip or use as an … Read more

Sambal salamat

Sambal Salamat

Sambal salamat is a salsa style condiment that is very common in Indonesia. It may be added to anything from rice and noodles to eggs, meat, or soups. Often used to add some extra spice to a dish, you should use sparingly (unless you love the … Read more

Piri piri hellfire brandy

Piri Piri Hellfire Brandy

A fiery Portuguese condiment… As the name might suggest, piri piri hellfire brandy is not for the faint hearted.  Picture standing at the gates of hell and sucking up the fire through a straw. You get the picture! If you are thinking this is a … Read more

Spicy Red Pepper Jam

Spicy Red Pepper Jam

Sweet and as spicy as you want… Here’s a quick and easy spicy red pepper jam recipe from our community member WMB that’s going to be as spicy as you want to make it! The recipe calls for three sweet peppers and four red chili … Read more

Gochujang aioli

Gochujang Aioli

A very versatile spicy spread… Have some gochujang (Korean chili paste) in your kitchen and wondering what to make next? Bring your sandwich spread to life with gochujang aioli. It works well on both vegetable and meat-focused sandwiches. And the heat? Since the gochujang is … Read more

Bloody Mary Ketchup

Bloody Mary Ketchup

A zesty take on the classic condiment…

This one is a no-brainer for Bloody Mary fans: Turn your classic ketchup into a zesty condiment version of the popular cocktail! It’s tangy, peppery, and fiery – like a good spicy Bloody Mary should be. This is a delicious traditional ketchup alternative for french fries, burgers, and hot dogs.

Horseradish is the predominant heat source here, so start there if you’re looking to control the heat. The Tabasco sauce and paprika are drops in the bucket compared to the spice of that prepared horseradish. Of course, if you want a little more of that Lousiana vinegar tang from Tabasco, throw an extra dash or two into the mix too.

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