habanero lemonade

Habanero Lemonade

Refreshing with a bold twist…

Habanero lemonade plays with fire in all the right ways. This is one seriously bold drink that’s full of contrasts: tangy and sweet, fiery and thirst quenching. And (for the adults over 21 in the room), it’s a delicious pairing with vodka or bourbon for a memorable spicy cocktail.

If habanero peppers are too fiery for you, take a look at our jalapeño lemonade instead. Jalapeño peppers are just a hint of spice compared to the extra-hot spiciness of the habanero. Plus, they may be easier to source if your grocer tends not to stock the spiciest of chilies.

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Mexican chocolate milk

Mexican Chocolate Milk

Spicy and refreshing with a touch of smoke…

A refreshing glass of chilled Mexican chocolate milk is a terrific way to take the edge off the day. While you can use authentic Mexican chocolate (like Ibarra) to make a version of this delicious drink, this recipe leans instead into what you likely already have in your refrigerator and spice rack. Chocolate syrup and cinnamon imitate the flavor of what you’d find with authentic Mexican chocolate, and then we add some smoky spiciness through fiery chipotle powder.

If you prefer something hot instead, take a look at our Aztec hot chocolate recipe (also featuring chipotle powder) or our spicy hot chocolate recipe using cayenne powder.

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Spicy Tomato Juice

Spicy Tomato Juice

A fiery twist to a healthy juice favorite… Tomato juice sure is healthy, but it can be pretty plain. It sure is good, then, that tomato and fiery flavors go so well together. In this spicy tomato juice recipe, we use cayenne pepper … Read more

Spicy Chai

Fiery Spiced Chai

It’ll warm you right up…

Creating a spiced chai mix with a little extra kick is easier than you think. A mix of common aromatic spices like ginger, nutmeg, and cloves and fiery cayenne pepper powder stoke the flames. This is one chai mix that’ll no doubt warm you through and through. Best of all, this recipe creates a powder that’ll keep. You can make a batch and enjoy it for weeks – or even months – to come, just a few spoonfuls and hot water each time. But our guess is the mix doesn’t last quite that long in your house. 

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Cayenne Pepper Smoothie

Healthy Cayenne Pepper Smoothie

A flavorful energy booster…

Smoothies are an excellent way to gain the benefits of lots of fruits and vegetables in one serving, and we love them, too, with a little kick. Sure you could add cayenne pepper to just any smoothie and it may (or may not) work taste-wise, but here’s our favorite recipe for a hearty and healthy beverage with a kick. We love the pairing of that earthy Kale flavor with the tanginess of orange, the sweetness of honey, and the spiciness of cayenne. The fact that it’s so very good for you, too, is just icing on the cake. Kale and cayenne is a potent energy boosting combo. 

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Spicy Apple Cider

Spicy Apple Cider

Forget spiced…go spicy!

Sure you know the traditional spiced apple cider; it’s one of the most popular fall and winter drinks around. So are you ready to take it to another level of fiery flavor?

Spicy apple cider brings all of the complex tastes of the traditional cider and layers in a level of chili pepper heat (via cayenne pepper) that’ll surprise and delight! It’s a terrific treat for spicy food fans, and it’s also a great way to tone down an overly-sweet pot of apple cider too.

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Spicy Hot Chocolate

Spicy Hot Chocolate

Hotter than hot!

It’s super easy to turn a traditional hot chocolate into something spicier. All it takes is a pinch of cayenne pepper to make things hotter than hot! See for yourself through this simple spicy hot chocolate recipe. It takes no time at all to pull together.

If cayenne pepper is too hot, try the chili powder in your spice rack instead. It’s typically less spicy than pure cayenne, but you’ll still give a nice little kick to that cocoa.

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