Gochujang Wings

Gochujang Wings

Savory and spicy…

Gochujang wings (also often called Korean chicken wings) are spicy just the way we like: earthy, pungent, and bold. It’s that umami flavor of authentic gochujang that makes these wings so special. It’s a specific savory taste with a “love it or hate it” following. But if you love authentic Korean or Asian cuisine, you’ll love these wings no doubt.

We add some additional heat here with the inclusion of crushed red pepper, but gochujang is chili pepper based, so feel free to cut those flakes from the recipe if “too spicy” is part of your vocabulary. Want to make your own gochujang? It’s an intense process, but we have a simplified recipe here. It’s not quite as savory as authentic gochujang, but it cuts days (yes days…) out of the cooking process.

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Spicy fried pickles

Spicy Fried Pickles

Southern fried bite… Whether as an appetizer or side, spicy fried pickles sure hit the Southern-fried spot. It’s a mix of tang, crunch, and cayenne that’ll tickle your taste buds. Pair these pickles with our spicy Sriracha ranch dressing, and you’ve … Read more

Korean Meatballs

Spicy Korean Meatballs

Fiery gochujang stars… Korean meatballs are full of exotic flavors – ginger and sesame oil provide a delicious Asian flair. But the true star of these meatballs is gochujang. This miso-based Korean chili paste provides both an earthy and pungent … Read more

spicy chana masala

Spicy Chana Masala

Chickpeas with attitude…

Cayenne pepper brings the sizzle to this chana masala recipe. This chickpea-based Indian favorite is delicious served simply with naan bread or try it atop rice or couscous to make more of a meal of it. It’s a perfect side dish for Indian meals, especially if you’re looking for something that’s not breaded and fried.

There’s an exotic mix of spices here beyond fiery cayenne and chili powder, including garam masala, amchoor powder (also known as mango powder), ginger, and turmeric. It’s a bold turn for chickpeas, so feel free to adjust the spice proportions of each to your liking.

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Papa a la Huancaina

Papa a la Huancaina

A popular Peruvian appetizer…

Who doesn’t love the idea of potatoes with a spicy cheese sauce? That’s simply what the popular Peruvian recipe papa a la Huancaina is: boiled potatoes topped with  a cheese sauce spiced up by the deliciously summery-sweet aji amarillo pepper. It’s made all the better by the addition of hardboiled eggs and black olives – very rustic in flavor.

Papa a la Huancaina is typically served as an appetizer, but it’s so heavy it can also work as meal in its own right. The recipe calls for Huancaina sauce (which you can find the recipe for here).

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