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Rick's Picks Mean Beans

Rick’s Picks Mean Beans: Pickled POW!

A surprising spicy snack and the ultimate Bloody Mary veggie. Olives…take a back seat. Celery….step aside. Rick’s Picks Mean Beans are the go-to for the ultimate spicy Bloody Mary, and as a spicy snack a jar of Mean Beans is … Read more

Original Louisiana Hot Sauce

Original Louisiana Hot Sauce: A Cajun Staple

Cajun in the kitchen. The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce has a long history of bringing Cajun spices to life in the south. Since 1928 it’s been a Southern staple, and for good reason. This simple hot sauce nails it for … Read more

Lindt Chili Chocolate

Lindt Chili Chocolate: Rich And Mild

There’s a lot of yum in this wrapper. For spicy food fans and adventurous eaters, spicy chocolate is one of the best things around, especially when it’s made by a chocolatier that is known for high quality work. Take for … Read more

Tabasco Bloody Mary mix

Morning Spice! Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix

Ah, the cure-all for a rough morning. The Bloody Mary is one of those “thick and thin” drinks. It’s always there when you need a little pick-me-up the morning after a long night, and it’s just as perfect as a flavorful spicy drink … Read more

Lobster Bar Fort Lauderdale Mint Passion

Lobster Bar Fort Lauderdale: Try The Spicy Mint Passion

What’s in a name?

When you hear of a cocktail named Mint Passion, the last thing you think is spicy. Not at Lobster Bar Fort Lauderdale on Las Olas. Their idea of Mint Passion is more our speed, mixing in pretty hot ingredients with some terrific tropical fruit tang.

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Volcano Dust: Not Your Grandmother’s Spices

Now these are chili powders that’ll make you sweat. The folks over at Volcanic Peppers don’t mess around when it comes to their products. They deal in the super-hots, the peppers that you just look at and begin to perspire. These … Read more

McDonald's Jalapeño Burger_lg

McDonalds Jalapeño Burger: Pretty Darn Good!

You never know when fast food goes spicy…

It’s really hit or miss. There’s a lot of over-promise and under-deliver, but color us impressed with McDonalds jalapeño burger, the jalapeño double. For a fast food burger, it delivers a surprising amount of spicy flavor and a well-balanced overall taste. 

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Johnny V Island Prairie

Johnny V Fort Lauderdale: The Island Prairie Cocktail

The habanero cocktail at Johnny V is pure spicy yum.

When it comes to spicy cocktails, only the adventurous should apply when you start getting to habanero heat and above. These are spicy mixers, and few restaurants and bars go there (yet) with these super-hot peppers. Johnny V Fort Lauderdale is one of the brave few. I tried their Island Prairie cocktail recently, and it’s a blast of spice. No kid gloves on this spicy drink. It packs a tasty wallop – though the heat may vary by day.

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Sushi Rock Las Olas Feeling Hot Hot Hot_lg

Sushi Rock Las Olas: Feeling Hot Hot Hot Roll

Sushi Rock Las Olas, thank you for one of the spicier sushi rolls this side of the sun. The “Feeling Hot Hot Hot” roll (also available at their other Sushi Rock Fort Lauderdale location in Wilton Manors). It’s essentially a spicy tuna roll topped with a deliciously spicy habanero caviar. Yum. Love the kick. It won’t be for everyone, but if you love serious spice and you’re in South Florida, stop on by and give it a try. It’s that good. 

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Tabasco Spicy Chocolate Review: Sweet Heat

We all know the hot sauce, but how about the chocolate? Yes, Tabasco spicy chocolate is a thing, and a pretty good thing at that. I received some as a gift recently (thanks Jonathan and Maria from Bullseye Strategy), and … Read more