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Johnny V Island Prairie

Johnny V Fort Lauderdale: The Island Prairie Cocktail

The habanero cocktail at Johnny V is pure spicy yum.

When it comes to spicy cocktails, only the adventurous should apply when you start getting to habanero heat and above. These are spicy mixers, and few restaurants and bars go there (yet) with these super-hot peppers. Johnny V Fort Lauderdale is one of the brave few. I tried their Island Prairie cocktail recently, and it’s a blast of spice. No kid gloves on this spicy drink. It packs a tasty wallop – though the heat may vary by day.

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Sushi Rock Las Olas Feeling Hot Hot Hot_lg

Sushi Rock Las Olas: Feeling Hot Hot Hot Roll

Sushi Rock Las Olas, thank you for one of the spicier sushi rolls this side of the sun. The “Feeling Hot Hot Hot” roll (also available at their other Sushi Rock Fort Lauderdale location in Wilton Manors). It’s essentially a spicy tuna roll topped with a deliciously spicy habanero caviar. Yum. Love the kick. It won’t be for everyone, but if you love serious spice and you’re in South Florida, stop on by and give it a try. It’s that good. 

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Tabasco Chipotle Sauce

Tabasco Chipotle Sauce Review: Smokin’!

No hot sauce brand comes close to Tabasco in terms of availability. Tabasco is everywhere – from supermarkets to major chain restaurants. But my favorite of the bunch isn’t the original (though that’s seriously tasty too). It’s Tabasco Chipotle sauce.

That smoky tang…it’s just right. If you like the earthy taste of barbecue and other smoked dishes, then you’ll want a bottle of this in your cupboard. Soon you may find that you’re putting a few drops of it in nearly everything. No kidding – it’s that good. 

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