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Dat'l Do It Hot Sauce

Dat’l Do It Hot Sauce: Sweet Sassy Molassy!

To say we were surprised by just how tasty Dat’l Do It hot sauce is would be an understatement.

Come on, ketchup is the first ingredient listed, so how good could it be? And how can you even call it a hot sauce being ketchup-based?! But once you get past these simple arguments and just try Dat’l Do It; it’s magic in a bottle. Sweet, with rich molasses undertones, and a tasty – and not overwhelming – datil pepper bite. It’s not your typical hot sauce, and that’s what makes it special. You’ll likely find yourself reaching for it more often than you’d ever imagine.

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Old Bay Blackened Seasoning

Old Bay Blackened Seasoning: THE Old Bay For Steaks

Delivering the blackened on the barbecue taste…

Years of crab-eating have made Old Bay seasoning by McCormick a spice rack staple in my house. It’s so tasty – slightly spicy (thanks to the chili-based paprika), earthy and robust. It’s great on everything from seafood to popcorn, including a big juicy steak as a rub.

That’s where McCormick’s other flavor – Old Bay Blackened Seasoning – has me the most excited. I love an Old Bay steak rub, but I’ve always wanted just a hint more charred flavor – something extra to match the hearty taste of red meat. Old Bay blackened seasoning takes what makes the original so great and layers in that delicious “blackened on the barbecue” taste.

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