Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha Label

Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha Review

Say hello to my yellow friend! When you think sriracha, you likely think red. I know I do. But there are other hues out there, based on the colors of the chilies used to make the hot sauce. Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha is one, using …

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Jindotgae Hot Sauce label

Jindotgae Hot Sauce Review

Mixing fruity tamarind with fiery, sweet hot peppers is a quality combo — and that’s what’s behind Jindotgae Hot Sauce. This popular Korean sauce brings good flavor to the table, but how well-balanced is the heat? And is it as usable as the brand says, …

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SAUS Label

SAUS “Do Everything” Sauce Review

The makers of SAUS call it a “do everything” sauce and amplify that with four words: dip, drip, blend, and grill. Yeah, that seems about right. SAUS cooking sauce is a sweet and tangy delight: big flavor and a high level of usability. But how …

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Pickapeppa Sauce label

Pickapeppa Sauce Review

Pickapeppa…say that five times fast. Total tongue twister. This classic Jamaican hot sauce has an obviously fun name and a ton of Caribbean-inspired flavor. But how well-balanced is the heat? And how usable is this sauce? Is it as usable as its nickname — “Jamaican …

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Casa Firelli Hot Sauce label

Casa Firelli Hot Sauce Review

What a name for an Italian hot sauce. Made in Parma, Italy, Casa Firelli Hot Sauce brings some Mediterranean fire to authentic Italian flavors. Balsamic vinegar and a mix of roasted red peppers and Calabrian chilies star here, and the flavor is pretty special. But …

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Valentina Hot Sauce label

Valentina Hot Sauce Review

Valentina Hot Sauce is adored by many for its bold chili pepper flavor and thicker consistency, especially compared to other popular “daily driver” mass-market hot sauces. It’s marketed as “The Mexican Hot Sauce” So, does its flavor meet those high expectations? Is the heat well-balanced? …

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Hoppin Hot Sauce Label

Hoppin Hot Sauce Review

Hoppin Hot Sauce is chock-full of California good-feelings, leaning into its creator’s love of California cuisine. It uses locally grown ingredients (like tangy Meyer lemons) and two flavorful chilies that hail from just south of the California border. So, how do all of these ingredients …

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Elijah’s XTreme Regret Hot Sauce

Elijah’s Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce Review

If there’s one thing to know about Elijah’s Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce: It’s aptly named, packing an enormous amount of spiciness in that bottle (near ghost pepper level spiciness!) This is not a hot sauce for those that merely dabble in heat. Extreme eaters, though: …

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