Blairs Ultra Death Sauce

Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce Review

Apt name. Because after eating Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce you’ll feel like your mouth has been stung by a thousand bees (that happen to also be on fire and maybe even carrying mini daggers in their little bee hands.) It’s an ultra death for sure. …

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Mexico Lindo Red Habanero Hot Sauce

Mexico Lindo Red Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Sneaky hot. Or maybe not so sneaky. Mexico Lindo Red Habanero Hot Sauce announces right on the label that it’s a salsa habanero, and extra-hot habanero chilies are no spicy slouches. But calling out a big-heat chili on a label (as we know) doesn’t always …

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Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce

Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce Review

I’ll say upfront — Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce is one of my everyday staples. It combines the sweet heat of jalapeños, the delicious mild bite of poblanos, and a solid mix of sugar and spices. There’s a lot of flavor here, but how’s its …

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Hot Yuzu Sauce label

Hot Yuzu Sauce Review

Like a little citrusy tang in your sauce? Muso From Japan’s Hot Yuzu Sauce delivers there in spades. It’s got that lemony tartness that’s totally fresh and zingy, but does that “zing” include a well-balanced chili pepper bite as well? And how usable is it …

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Hellacious Hot Sauce label

Hellacious Hot Sauce Review

Now that’s a hot sauce name that should make you take pause. Hellacious Hot Sauce by High River Sauces on paper promises big, wicked things with its use of orange habaneros and a label full of skulls and big, gnarly leafless trees. It’s a frightening …

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RADS Pepper Sauce (RADS Reserve) Label

RADS Pepper Sauce (RADS Reserve) Review

If you think you’ve had a garlicky hot sauce before, you better prepare yourself. RADS Pepper Sauce (RADS Reserve) doubles down on the idea, with pungent garlic and pepper mash that’s been aged in oak barrels to bring even bolder tastes to the table. So, …

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Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce label

Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce Review

If you’re a fan of the original Texas Pete, then you’ll want to know its hotter cousin. Aptly named Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce, this sauce packs three times more heat than the original. But how’s the flavor? Does it compare? And how hot is …

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Skyline Chili Hot Sauce Label

Skyline Chili Hot Sauce Review

If you’re from Cincinnati, you likely have heard of Skyline Chili. The restaurant has a long history and devoted following in the region (and now across multiple states.) Why all the love? The chili, of course — more a sauce than a chili con carne. …

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