Product Reviews

Devilfish Kitchen Pirate Panic Hot Sauce

Devilfish Kitchen Pirate Panic Hot Sauce Review

There’s a high-power pepper mix in Devilfish Kitchen’s Pirate Panic Hot Sauce: ghost, scorpion, habanero, and scotch bonnet peppers. On paper that’s a bunch of bold that could literally send your mouth into a true panic, as the label says. … Read more

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce Label

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce Review

There’s a reason they sell Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce by the gallon. It’s tangy and mild, and you can put this bad boy on everything! Everyone from your grandma to your kids can try this and will be happy with … Read more

Inner Beauty Hot Sauce Label

Inner Beauty Hot Sauce Review

If you love the taste of tikka masala sauce, but wish it had some kick to it, then you’ve found a go-to in Inner Beauty Hot Sauce. Its mustard base, spices, and tropical flavor are a blast for your tastebuds. … Read more

Dat’l Hook Ya Datil Pepper Sauce

Dat’l Hook Ya Datil Pepper Sauce Review

And…the name says it all. Dat’l Hook Ya is damn right! Don’t let the fact that it’s made with datil peppers, which are akin to habaneros in heat (but sweeter), make you cautious to try this. This sauce is certainly … Read more

Hell Fire Detroit Habanero Sauce Label

Hell Fire Detroit Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Hell Fire Detroit Habanero Hot Sauce is aptly named. There’s a lot of burn here – both in overall heat and fire-smoked habanero flavor. But does it fall into the heat trap that happens with some high heat sauces – … Read more

Tia Lupita Hot Sauce_!

Tia Lupita Hot Sauce Review

Tia Lupita is a family-owned company with a rich Mexican back story, and their original hot sauce tastes like it comes from the heart: pure homemade, made with a lot of passion for the ingredients. There’s a rich flavor of … Read more

Trappey’s Louisiana Hot Sauce Label

Trappey’s Louisiana Hot Sauce Review

Do you love vinegar-forward hot sauces with lots of flavor and a mild heat that you can go ham on all day? Welp, you have a BFF (in hot sauce form) in Trappey’s Louisiana Hot Sauce. Trappy’s is a mild … Read more

Tabañero Original Hot Sauce Review

Okay, so no one drinks hot sauces (at least among who I know), but Tabañero will make you want to. This isn’t a fiery hot sauce that will burn your taste buds off. No, it’s a mellow hot sauce that … Read more

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Review

I feel like the only way to start out this review is to just proclaim, “It’s Sriracha!” Obviously the Rooster Sauce is well-known with a passionate following. There’s no doubt it’s good, with its lovely garlic peppery taste that enhances … Read more

Torchbearer Garlic Reaper Sauce logo

Torchbearer Garlic Reaper Sauce Review

I love heat, but I’ll admit I was a little scared of Torchbearer Garlic Reaper Sauce before I tried it. I mean, it stars the Carolina Reaper – the chili that tops the Scoville scale – as the first ingredient … Read more