RADS Pepper Sauce (RADS Reserve) Label

RADS Pepper Sauce (RADS Reserve) Review

If you think you’ve had a garlicky hot sauce before, you better prepare yourself. RADS Pepper Sauce (RADS Reserve) doubles down on the idea, with pungent garlic and pepper mash that’s been aged in oak barrels to bring even bolder tastes to the table. So, …

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Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce label

Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce Review

If you’re a fan of the original Texas Pete, then you’ll want to know its hotter cousin. Aptly named Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce, this sauce packs three times more heat than the original. But how’s the flavor? Does it compare? And how hot is …

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Skyline Chili Hot Sauce Label

Skyline Chili Hot Sauce Review

If you’re from Cincinnati, you likely have heard of Skyline Chili. The restaurant has a long history and devoted following in the region (and now across multiple states.) Why all the love? The chili, of course — more a sauce than a chili con carne. …

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Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha Label

Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha Review

Say hello to my yellow friend! When you think sriracha, you likely think red. I know I do. But there are other hues out there, based on the colors of the chilies used to make the hot sauce. Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha is one, using …

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Jindotgae Hot Sauce label

Jindotgae Hot Sauce Review

Mixing fruity tamarind with fiery, sweet hot peppers is a quality combo — and that’s what’s behind Jindotgae Hot Sauce. This popular Korean sauce brings good flavor to the table, but how well-balanced is the heat? And is it as usable as the brand says, …

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SAUS Label

SAUS “Do Everything” Sauce Review

The makers of SAUS call it a “do everything” sauce and amplify that with four words: dip, drip, blend, and grill. Yeah, that seems about right. SAUS cooking sauce is a sweet and tangy delight: big flavor and a high level of usability. But how …

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Pickapeppa Sauce label

Pickapeppa Sauce Review

Pickapeppa…say that five times fast. Total tongue twister. This classic Jamaican hot sauce has an obviously fun name and a ton of Caribbean-inspired flavor. But how well-balanced is the heat? And how usable is this sauce? Is it as usable as its nickname — “Jamaican …

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