PepperScale Showdown

Red Pepper Vs. Green Pepper

Red Pepper Vs. Green Pepper: PepperScale Showdown

Color differences are only the beginning…

Peppers come in all sorts of colors, but the two most prevalent are, of course, read and green. Whether you’re talking about sweet bell peppers or one of the hotter chilies, these colors tend to dominate. So are there more differences between these chilies than their outward hue? In fact, there are, but perhaps for different reasons than you may think. Let’s break it down in another PepperScale Showdown.

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Poblano Vs. Anaheim: PepperScale Showdown

A mild spice match!

They may look as different as two chilies can get, but are they really that different in the kitchen? Can you easily substitute a poblano for an Anaheim pepper and vice versa, or are they better left to their own devices? And what about heat? Sure, they’re both mild, but there’s mild and then there’s MILD. These questions and more are about to be tackled in the next PepperScale Showdown!

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Crushed red pepper vs cayenne

Crushed Red Pepper Vs. Cayenne: PepperScale Showdown

In a well-stocked spice rack, there are typically a few fiery spices available. Two of the most popular are crushed red pepper and cayenne powder. They both will light up a dish, but is one better than the other depending on the dish? Is there a heat difference? Are their other distinctions that may affect why you’d choose one over the other? Let’s answer those questions and more in another PepperScale Showdown.

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Pepperoncini vs Banana Pepper

Pepperoncini Vs. Banana Pepper: PepperScale Showdown

If chilies could have dopplegangers, there’d be solid reasons to think that the pepperoncini and the banana pepper were the case in point. Their looks – even their heat – are so similar that even for some produce professionals telling them apart is tricky.

But is there more? Do they taste similar too? Is one easier to find in stores? Are there tiny differences that’ll help tell one from the other? We explore this strangely similar – yet surprisingly unique – world in another PepperScale Showdown.

Pepperoncini Vs. Banana Pepper: The heat

A measly one hundred Scoville heat units (SHU) separate these two extremely mild hot peppers on the Scoville scale. The banana pepper ranges from 0 to 500 SHU, while the pepperoncini one-ups it with a 100 – 500 SHU range. That’s like a rounding error when it comes to overall heat potential, so essentially these two chilies carry the same gentle tickle to the taste buds. These are two extremely mild chilies – barely hotter than a zero heat bell pepper.

If you’re looking for a difference here, the banana pepper can, in fact, dip down to zero heat. It’s one of the only hot peppers that can. A pepperoncini will nearly always outperform the banana pepper at the low-end of the scale, but they have equal potential at the high end of their range.

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Carolina Reaper vs Habanero

Carolina Reaper Vs. Habanero: PepperScale Showdown

Hot stuff meet molten lava…

Habanero peppers are hot, make no mistake. They’ll kick you around. But a Carolina Reaper? It’s like a solar flare erupted in your esophagus. Yes, there’s a humongous heat difference here, but is there more to compare? How different do they taste? Does the heat act similarly? What about products in the marketplace? We dive in with another PepperScale Showdown.

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Cayenne Pepper vs Paprika

Cayenne Pepper Vs. Paprika: PepperScale Showdown

Two hot powders on the spice rack…but what should you expect?

So you’re looking for something spicy to pep up your meal, and you have cayenne and paprika in the spice rack. Is one better than the other? Spicier? Is one sweeter than the other? Earthier?

For two powders that look a lot alike, there are some definite differences to consider before adding a dash to your dish. We break it down in our PepperScale showdown: cayenne pepper vs. paprika.

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