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Sambal Oelek Vs. Sriracha

Sambal Oelek Vs. Sriracha: PepperScale Showdown

Two Asian condiments go head to head…

There’s arguably no spicy condiment more popular than Sriracha across the globe, but its chili paste cousin – sambal oelek – is doing its best to carve out its culinary niche worldwide . These are two fiery flavors, but when the line is drawn in the sand, where do they stand? Which is spicier? Is one more complexly flavored than the other? Can they be used interchangeably? We dive into these questions head first in another PepperScale Showdown.

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Sriracha Vs Tabasco

Sriracha Vs. Tabasco: PepperScale Showdown

Hot sauce royalty square off…

Names don’t come any bigger in the world of hot sauce than Tabasco and Sriracha. One’s an American staple with more than a century of history, the other a comparative upstart that’s captured the imagination of a generation of foodies. But how else do they differ? Are the flavors similar or world’s apart? Can you feel confident substituting one for the other? And what about the heat? Are they equally spicy? We answer these questions and more in another PepperScale Showdown. 

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