Chiltepin vs. pequin

Chiltepin Vs. Pequin: PepperScale Showdown

Chiltepin chilies are also known as chile tepin or bird peppers — the latter nickname comes from the fact that birds love the pepper, consume it heavily (because of their tiny size) and spread the seeds. Pequin peppers — also called piquin peppers — get …

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Green curry vs. red curry

Green Curry Vs. Red Curry: PepperScale Showdown

Green curry and red curry are two Thai food staples that have become popular as people outside of Thailand have grown more familiar with Thai cuisine. To make each kind of paste, the ingredients are pounded together with a mortar and pestle until they reach …

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Black pepper vs. red pepper

Black Pepper Vs. Red Pepper: PepperScale Showdown

Black pepper and red pepper are both fundamental spices in food cultures all over the world. Black pepper comes from the Kerala region in Southern India while red pepper comes from Central America. While both of these spices play similar roles — they provide heat …

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Ancho Pepper

Ancho Vs. Chipotle: PepperScale Showdown

Ancho and chipotle peppers are two classic Mexican dried chilies that are becoming more and more popular around the world. They have some similarities, but there are quite a few nuanced differences that will impact your cooking when choosing one over the other. Let’s break …

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Old Bay Vs. Cajun Seasoning

Old Bay Vs. Cajun Seasoning: PepperScale Showdown

Old Bay seasoning and Cajun seasoning are two regionally iconic American spice blends. Old Bay comes from Maryland, Cajun seasoning is associated with parts of Louisiana. The two differ strongly in their intended effects on food although both are flavorful and have several ingredients in …

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Picante Sauce vs Salsa

Picante Sauce Vs. Salsa: PepperScale Showdown

You can find pre-made Picante sauce and pre-made salsa in the Mexican aisle of your local grocery store. Mild and hot versions of each are available and can serve similar purposes, but how different are these two ingredients? When should you use one and when …

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