Growing hot peppers from seed

How To Grow Hot Peppers From Seed

Growing hot peppers from seed is rewarding and easy to do.

There’s nothing like seeing the tiny seeds you gently nurture grow into thriving, robust plants bearing some of the hottest eats in the world. Start the seeds indoors in containers, preferably in a sunny windowsill or on a countertop that gets lots of light. Your seedlings will need at least six hours of sunlight. Most hot peppers grow best in warm environments, so the warmer the spot, the better the seedlings will do.

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Growing cayenne pepper

Beginner’s Guide To Growing Cayenne Pepper

Easier than it looks…

Growing cayenne pepper is relatively simple, providing you manage a few variables carefully. Like many peppers, their biggest problems are temperature and water content of the soil. However, care and attention easily keep these problems from becoming your problems and allow for a good harvest.

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Growing hot peppers in containers

Small Space Spice: Growing Hot Peppers In Containers

You can grow chilies – even with little space. If you love heat in your culinary creations, you’ll be happy to know that growing hot peppers in containers is not only possible, but easy. It doesn’t matter what your chili of choice is – whether jalapeño, habanero, …

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Growing Habanero Peppers

Growing Habanero Peppers: A Steady Supply Of Homegrown Heat

Container or garden, habaneros will thrive…

The savviest heat-lovers grow their own chili peppers, and rarely have to go without that extra kick. That’s especially true for some of the hottest chili peppers, like the habanero, that may not be available at your local store. If you seek the heat of this spicy chili more often than most, growing habanero may be your best choice. Below, you’ll find some simple tips that’ll help you grow these chilies at home.

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Growing Jalapenos

Important Tips For Growing JalapeƱos

Hello Hot Gardening…

Hot peppers offer wonderful variety both for culinary creation and cultivation. Jalapeño peppers are a popular choice for home cultivation because they live in the medium range of the Scoville “heat” scale for peppers, which makes them a versatile ingredient for many dishes.

We share some important tips below for growing jalapeños; follow them and you’ll be provided with abundant yields of this popular chili to share with family and friends.

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