Carolina Reaper planting

The Carolina Reaper Planting Guide: A To Zing

None more hot in the garden…

If you’re looking to grow sun-like spiciness, there is nothing more wicked than the Carolina Reaper. This is the hottest pepper in the world, so don’t approach this chili lightly. The oils of this pepper, even when still whole on the vine, can cause major chili burn so approach Carolina Reaper planting with care. Use gloves when caring for your plants, and double-down with kitchen goggles when you’re cooking with this pepper. Still here? Ready for the extreme of extremes? Let’s review what you need to know to successfully grow Carolina Reaper peppers.

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Cayenne Pepper Planting

The Cayenne Pepper Planting Guide: A To Zing

Perfect for flakes, powders, and hot sauces…

The cayenne pepper is certainly the jack of all trades of the chili world. It’s solid medium heat and relatively neutral flavor provides many culinary uses, especially in powdered and flake form. Its neutral flavor, too, brings the spice to hot sauces while allowing other flavors to dominate the experience. Growing cayenne pepper, whether in container or garden, can keep you loaded with delicious heat all season long. Find what you need to start with our cayenne pepper planting guide.

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Banana Pepper Planting

The Banana Pepper Planting Guide: A To Zing

Growing the perfect sandwich pepper… When you want just a little simmer of heat for your sandwich or salad, the banana pepper delivers like few other chilies. Its low heat and delicious flavor (fresh and pickled) make it a favorite for not only chiliheads, but foodies of …

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Ghost Pepper Planting

The Ghost Pepper Planting Guide: A To Zing

The infamous bhut jolokia (a.k.a. the ghost pepper) is well-known for its super-hot slow burn. It’s a perfect chili for extreme hot sauces or simply spicing up a soup or chili. But know: a little ghost will go far. Growing ghost peppers in your garden will …

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Habanero Planting

The Habanero Planting Guide: A To Zing

Ready to grow the most popular extra-hot chili? Combining big heat and a delicious fruity flavor, the habanero pepper has built up quite the spicy reputation in the kitchen. And for those with a green thumb, growing habaneros is the perfect way to keep a continuous …

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Jalapeno Planting Guide

The Jalapeño Planting Guide: A To Zing

Growing the most popular chili around… With their very eatable medium heat and grassy, bright flavor, jalapeños are  a culinary staple across the world. Growing jalapeños yourself can supply you with plenty of delicious heat all season long. These chilies perform well not only in …

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Growing hotter peppers

How To Grow Hotter Peppers: Five Simple Steps

Make ’em hot, hotter, and hottest! Gardeners who just can’t get enough of the fire of a capsaicin-rich pepper are always on the lookout as to how to grow hotter peppers. Heat can be a tricky thing when it comes to peppers, especially when you realize …

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When to pick jalapenos

When To Pick Jalapeños: A Primer For Fielding The Freshest Flavors

Lucky you!

You’re growing jalapeños, seeing the fruits age, and likely salivating like Pavlov’s dog to get them from plant to plate. But when’s the right time? What should you look for that’ll signify when to pick jalapeños for the absolute best flavor? Well, that depends on whether you want them for fresh use or for drying. Let’s review both so that you’ll have the best flavor possible.

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Growing hot peppers from seed

How To Grow Hot Peppers From Seed

Growing hot peppers from seed is rewarding and easy to do.

There’s nothing like seeing the tiny seeds you gently nurture grow into thriving, robust plants bearing some of the hottest eats in the world. Start the seeds indoors in containers, preferably in a sunny windowsill or on a countertop that gets lots of light. Your seedlings will need at least six hours of sunlight. Most hot peppers grow best in warm environments, so the warmer the spot, the better the seedlings will do.

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