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Does hot sauce go bad?

Does Hot Sauce Go Bad?

If you’re a chilihead, it’s likely you’ve got a cupboard full of hot sauces. Some are your staples, some may be gifts, and others may have been chance buys to test the flavor. It’s those last two where the question “Does hot sauce go bad?” comes into play. It’s for those hot sauces that may have been sitting around for a while, or those mild and hot Taco Bell packets that were stuck in the back of a shelf for future use. Oh yes, we all horde.

So does hot sauce go bad? Depends on your definition of “bad” really.

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Sriracha shirt

Top Sriracha Shirt Styles: Hot And Cool Meet

The famous Sriracha hot sauce has a ton of fans. And why not? This jalapeño-based hot sauce is super tasty, and the label has taken on cult-like status. It’s a retro classic and even slightly strange: with its multiple languages, and the iconic rooster. In fact, the label has inspired a ton of Sriracha gifts, and few are as sought after as the Sriracha shirt.

In terms of design, there are lots of styles out there. But we’ve compiled our favorite Sriracha t-shirt designs that place the rooster sauce front and center for all to see. All make excellent spicy food fan gifts, or if your shopping for someone who loves cool unique t-shirts, there are few as simultaneously hot and cool as these designs.

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Making Spicy Beer: Must-Have Homebrewing Supplies

For those that love spicy food and beer, spicy beer is the next big step! It’s refreshing with a kick, perfect for barbecues, fiestas, or just relaxing on a weekend.

If you’ve got the right craft brewer near you, you can pick up a 6-pack of some spicy suds, but there’s another solution too. With all of the homebrewing supplies out on the market, making homemade spicy beer is simple. All you need is a beer kit, the right spicy beer mix, a home bottling kit, some basic kitchen gear, and a bit of patience. This can be a fun (and tasty) hobby or an excellent gift idea for chiliheads! Check out the typical set-up you’ll need below.

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Is Paprika Spicy

Is Paprika Spicy?

The answer: It depends…

It may be a surprise to some that paprika, one of the most common spices in the kitchen cabinet, comes from hot peppers. But is paprika spicy?

The answer is a little more complex than you may think. Sure a lot of paprika starts with a mild chili, the pimento, but paprika is a spice that can come in a lot of different varieties, each with its own level of heat to it.

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Spicy Food Posters

Cool Food Posters Starring Hot Peppers

Looking to spice up your walls?

How about some food posters starring some of the tastiest hot peppers around. Pepper posters have been a favorite for the dining room, cafe, and kitchen art for a while now. Some are very famous, like Mark Miller’s well-known Great Chile Poster series. Others you may be less aware of, but they are just as tasty looking for the hot pepper aficionados out there.

Here’s our favorites that’ll remind you everyday of the wide variety of hot peppers out there. They make for some mighty fine chili pepper decor.

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spicy condiments

Burger Pop! Spicy Ketchup And Other Spicy Condiments

Sure a burger with plain old ketchup and mustard is plenty good, but if you like spicy foods then pulling out some spicy ketchup, spicy mustard, or one of many other spicy condiments out there will definitely wake up your taste buds in just the right way. As hot peppers get more and more popular, condiment brands have really stepped up their game with chili pepper flavored options.

Below are some of our favorites – some classics with a twist, others lesser known brands with pop. Pick up a set for your next barbecue, party, or burger or hot dog night. Enjoy!

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Treating chili burn

Treating Chili Burn: Your Best Solutions

While chili peppers can bring amazing flavor to foods of all kinds, there’s one thing that you’ve got to watch out for: chili burn. Treating chili pepper burn due to touching or eating hot peppers is not something you can simply treat with water. In fact, you’ll find that water does nothing at all. It may even make you feel worse!

So what to do? Here are a few good remedies that you should follow if chili burn has got you down. If one doesn’t work as well for you, try the next on the list.

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How hot is a ghost pepper

How Hot Is A Ghost Pepper? Watch These Videos

Sure it’s easy to say that a ghost pepper (Bhut Jolokia) is around 1,000,000 Scoville heat units, but what does that mean in reality? How hot is a ghost pepper? What does a million SHU look like when eaten?

Luckily, there’s YouTube and a whole bunch of extreme eaters out there. Lots of people have tested their taste buds against one of the hottest peppers in the world in either chili pepper dares, hot pepper contests, or via a ghost pepper prank. And they’ve been good enough to record these moments on video for all to see.

So how hot is a ghost pepper? Take a look at these three ghost pepper videos which show the slow extreme heat in action. As you’ll see, eating Bhut Jolokia fresh is NOT something to try at home. Use it in moderation, or better yet, stick to the ghost pepper hot sauces which typically dilute the spice, if only slightly.

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Chili Pepper Lights

Top Chili Pepper Lights For Parties And Holidays

What’s a summer barbecue without some chili pepper lights? But the fun doesn’t stop there. They’re a fun and unique choice for party lights for all sorts of holidays, from Fourth of July and Cinco de Mayo to Halloween and Christmas too! And if you’re looking for a little chili pepper decor to spice up your kitchen, these lights can really do the trick. They are truly unique, making them fun throughout the year.

Here are five of our favorite options that definitely bring some Southwestern spice to any indoor room or outdoor activity. You may be surprised at the variety of choices out there!

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