September 2020 Giveaway! Mole “Holy Trinity” Pack

If you love Mexican peppers, you’re going to love this month’s giveaway. Our Mole “Holy Trinity” Pack features three spicy Mexican chili powders: ancho, guajillo, and pasilla powders. Each is part of the “holy trinity” of spices used in many traditional Mexican mole recipes. And …

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Ostrich medallians cooking on a braai_close-up

Braai: The Iconic Barbecue Of Southern Africa

It’s pronounced like “try” – just drop the ‘t’ for a ‘b’. Bry. And perhaps more than any other national emblems – flags, anthems, currencies, languages – braai is the defining symbol of southern Africa. It’s far more than a type of cookery or simple …

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Banana Peppers

Banana Pepper Pop Quiz! Test Your Knowledge

How well do you know the popular banana pepper? Our ten-question banana pepper pop quiz puts your knowledge to the test, covering everything from its heat, to its flavor, and beyond. Want to study up? All of the answers to the questions below can be …

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Tabasco Hard to Find Sauce Set

July 2020 Giveaway! Tabasco Hard-To Find Sauce Set

Our July 2020 giveaway features a few fun (and frankly sometimes tough to source) Tabasco sauces. The Tabasco Hard-to-Find Sauce Set features Tabasco’s Sweet and Spicy, Sriracha, Scorpion, and Family Reserves sauces. Yum. That’s a lot of Avery Island love right there. We’re super-excited about …

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Hot Sauce List

The Hot Sauce List: Reviews, Videos, Heat Level

Dive deep into hot sauces with our ever-growing list… Each month we review a handful of hand-picked fiery hot sauces – some mainstream staples, others craft blends. Our hot sauce list pulls together all of our hot sauce scores and review toplines in one easy-to-search …

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Slap Ya Mama Seasonings

June 2020 Giveaway! Slap Ya Mama Bundle

Now this is a lot of Cajun love… Our June 2020 raffle features a brand with a lot of Cajun flavor behind it: Slap Ya Mama! We’re giving away a Slap Ya Mama Bundle of four items to one lucky winner, including Slap Ya Mama …

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Adobo Seasoning

What Is Adobo Seasoning? The Story Behind The Spice

Adobo seasoning is a staple spice blend popular with Latin and Caribbean cooks. The adobo part of the name comes from the Spanish word adobar, which means marinate or marinade. It comes from the Spanish and Portuguese practice of pickling meats with vinegar and spices. Adobar …

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