How to make sauce less spicy

Sauce Too Hot? How To Make Sauce Less Spicy

Sauces can wind up being too spicy for a number of reasons including a cook underestimating the heat of chili peppers or one who mistakes one hot pepper for another. Whatever the reason, there are ways to get around excessively hot food without having to …

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Saving Pepper Seeds

Saving Pepper Seeds: What You Need To Know

Saving pepper seeds is straightforward in principle — leave a pepper on the tree until it gets very ripe. Once it ripens, you cut it open and store the seeds until you are ready to plant again. Simple, right? The truth is that while it’s …

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What Are Scoville Heat Units

What Are Scoville Heat Units?

There are some mighty big numbers on the Scoville scale. It ranges from a goose egg zero all the way into the millions. Each number is known as a Scoville heat unit, but what does that mean? What exactly are Scoville heat units, and why …

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sambal oelek uses

Six Tasty Sambal Oelek Uses

Sambal oelek is not quite as popular in the West as sriracha, but in recent years it has begun to emerge from the shadow of the rooster sauce. These days, sambal oelek has a strong following among people who want a purer hot pepper experience. …

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