Secret Aardvark giveaway

January 2020 Giveaway! Secret Aardvark 3-Pack

One of our highest rated sauces… We’re kicking off the new year with a giveaway of one of our favorite (and highest rated) sauces from Secret Aardvark! Secret Aardvark’s Combo 3-Pack contains their delicious Habanero Hot Sauce, as well as … Read more

Ghost peppers

December 2019 Giveaway! Up The Scale Set II

Our hottest spice set for the holidays… Our December 2019 giveaway will certainly warm up the winter. It’s our Up The Scale set II, featuring one of the coolest super-hots around. It all starts with bright and grassy jalapeño powder … Read more

Chipotle Powder Substitute

November 2019 Giveaway: Yin Yang Spice Set

Two sides to a coin… Our November 2019 giveaway showcases jalapeño peppers in two different ways. Our Yin Yang set features both jalapeño and chipotle powder. Jalapeño gives you a delicious grassy and bright flavor that’s just delicious with fresh … Read more

Aji amarillo

October 2019 Giveaway! Sun And Grass Spice Set

Already missing summer? Our October 2019 giveaway is here to bring just a touch of summer back with our Sun and Grass set! We’re giving away one set to a lucky winner. Get your entries below. If you’re already following … Read more

Chipotle Powder Vs. Chili Powder

September 2019 Giveaway! Chipotle Powder X3

The earthier side of the jalapeño… We go earthy for our September 2019 giveaway. Chipotle powder is all that, plus smoky and fiery to boot. It’s delicious on everything from BBQ to your morning eggs. This is one of our … Read more

Sriracha powder

August 2019 Giveaway! Sriracha Powder x3

The Rooster Sauce in powdered form… Our August 2019 raffle brings Sriracha to life in a different way! Sriracha powder is a great daily-driver spice blend. It’s not too hot, with garlicky and tangy undertones. See our product page for … Read more

Chipotle powder vs smoked paprika

July 2019 Giveaway! “Smoke It Up” Spice Set

Let’s get ready to raffle! We’ve resurrected one of our most popular features – and for good reason – giveaways! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially spicy free stuff. Our first spicy raffle for 2019 is for our popular smoky … Read more

PepperScale June 2017 Giveaway

June 2017 Giveaway! Our Chili Powder Combo Set

Tex-Mex to earthy sweet! We are raffling off a pair of delicious PepperScale chili powders this month (see them in our spicery – a $20 value). Our Chili Powder Combo Set features our standard chili powder and a special dark chili powder. … Read more

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway_3

May 2017 Giveaway! $25 Amazon E-Gift Card

Win $25 to use how you’d like! This month’s PepperScale giveaway can be spicy…if you like. If you’re the winner, a $25 Amazon e-gift card can buy many a hot sauce, or use it on anything that Amazon offers. Get your … Read more

The Sriracha Cookbooks

April 2017 Giveaway! The Sriracha Cookbook Set

Enjoy some rooster sauce cooking knowledge… Welcome to our April 2017 giveaway! Each month we raffle off something spicy – and this month the popular Sriracha sauce is front and center. If you love experimenting with hot sauce in the … Read more