Do Peppers Need to Be Refrigerated?

Do Peppers Need To Be Refrigerated?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the most perishable food items, so do peppers need to be refrigerated to keep them at their peak? No, they don’t, within reason. Peppers (both chilies and sweet) are relatively durable, so you can sometimes keep them at room …

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Pickapeppa Sauce Gift Pack

September 2021 Giveaway! Pickapeppa Sauce Gift Pack

Happy pre-fall to all! It’s time for our September 2021 giveaway. This month we’re raffling off a Pickapeppa Sauce Gift Pack. The set features Pickapeppa’s original sauce (which we recently reviewed), plus its hotter hot sauce and a trio of mango sauces that’ll get your …

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Elijah’s XTreme Variety Pack

August 2021 Giveaway! Elijah’s XTreme Variety Pack

Happy August to all! We’re heading into chili pepper high season, so let’s give away something extra spicy. I mean EXTRA extra spicy. This month we’re giving away Elijah’s XTreme Variety Pack, featuring three mouth-melting extreme hot sauces: Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, Carolina Reaper Hot …

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