What is paprika?

What is Paprika? The Story Behind The Spice

No kitchen is complete without paprika. It’s a spice rack staple – the fourth most popular spice in the world. It’s found right next to salt and pepper in many a cabinet. But what is paprika really? It’s made from dried and ground peppers that are part …

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Pepper anatomy

Pepper Anatomy: What’s Inside Your Chili?

Botanically speaking, fruits are the seed-bearing pods on flowering plants. Chili peppers fall into this category; in fact, as nightshades, the peppers themselves are technically fruits in the eyes of a botanist. Other nightshade fruits include tomatoes and eggplants. As with all other fruits, there …

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How Hot Is Sriracha

How Hot Is Sriracha?

Whether it’s that devilish Rooster Sauce made by Huy Fong Foods or a homemade variety, Sriracha is about as popular as they come among hot sauces. Right there on the shelf with Tabasco, it’s a staple in nearly every grocery store and widely available in …

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Does hot sauce have calories?

Does Hot Sauce Have Calories?

If you’re like many spicy food fans, hot sauce is a staple in the kitchen. And you likely put it on just about anything. If you tend to use a lot of hot sauce, should you be worried about its calories? Does hot sauce have …

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refrigerating hot sauce

Refrigerating Hot Sauce: The Fact And Fiction

Whether or not you should refrigerate hot sauce is a controversial topic. There are two main camps. There are those who believe that hot sauces are just like any other bottled sauce and should be stored in the refrigerator. And there are others who believe …

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Too much chili powder

Too Much Chili Powder? Here’s What To Do

We all have a heavy hand from time to time. But being heavy-handed with chili powder can quickly turn a dish from delicious to a devilish disaster. So if you’ve used too much chili powder, what can you do to save that meal from the …

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Melinda's Hot Sauce Variety Pack

July 2022 Giveaway! Melinda’s Hot Sauce Variety Pack

It’s time for our monthly giveaway! This July we’re giving away a Melinda’s Hot Sauce Variety Pack, featuring their Mango Habanero, Extra Hot Habanero, Garlic Habanero, XXXXtra Reserve, and Ghost Pepper Sauces. We’ve reviewed previously Melinda’s black truffle sauce and green sauce, if you want …

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