Pickapeppa Sauce Gift Pack

September 2021 Giveaway! Pickapeppa Sauce Gift Pack

Happy pre-fall to all! It’s time for our September 2021 giveaway. This month we’re raffling off a Pickapeppa Sauce Gift Pack. The set features Pickapeppa’s original sauce (which we recently reviewed), plus its hotter hot sauce and a trio of mango sauces that’ll get your …

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Elijah’s XTreme Variety Pack

August 2021 Giveaway! Elijah’s XTreme Variety Pack

Happy August to all! We’re heading into chili pepper high season, so let’s give away something extra spicy. I mean EXTRA extra spicy. This month we’re giving away Elijah’s XTreme Variety Pack, featuring three mouth-melting extreme hot sauces: Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, Carolina Reaper Hot …

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Kentuxican Bourbon Hot Sauce

May 2021 Giveaway! Kentuxican Bourbon Hot Sauce

Happy May to all! Let’s celebrate warm weather by giving away a few bottles of a hot sauce with a total BBQ flare. We’re raffling off three bottles (one winner each) of Kentuxican Bourbon Hot Sauce — a delicious pairing of Bluegrass ingredients and Mexican …

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Howler Monkey Hot Sauces

March 2021 Giveaway! Howler Monkey Gift Set

Happy near-spring to all! It’s time for our March giveaway! This month we’re giving away a Howler Monkey Hot Sauce gift set. It includes Howler Monkey Original Sauce (which we recently reviewed), plus its Hot, Amarillo, and Verde sauces. If you enjoy Peruvian-style hot sauces, …

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