Chili Pepper Substitutes

Serrano pepper substitute

What’s A Good Serrano Pepper Substitute?

Serrano peppers are growing in popularity, but they can still be surprisingly hard to track down. So what’s a smart serrano pepper substitute that’ll still work with most recipes in case your local grocer doesn’t carry this chili? Here we break down two of your best fresh options to keep your spicy cooking moving along, and one is available nearly everywhere. 

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smoked paprika powder

What’s A Good Smoked Paprika Substitute?

So you have a recipe calling for smoked paprika, and there’s none on your spice rack? No worries – you’re not alone. Smoked paprika isn’t a staple, but the flavor is specific enough that when it’s needed finding the best smoked paprika substitute is smart. The right substitution will help maintain the intended flavors of a recipe.

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Chili Flakes Substitute

What’s A Good Chili Flakes Substitute?

No flakes? No problem…

Chili flakes, a.k.a. red pepper flakes or crushed red pepper, are a kitchen spice rack staple. But just like any spice, you can run out at the most in-opportune time. Where do you turn when you need a chili flakes substitute in a pinch?

We lay out the best options below. You’re bound to have one of these alternatives sitting around the cupboard. Note: for all of the options, a 1:1 amount substitution is not recommended. Opt for under-spicing, and then spice to taste.

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Jalapeno substitute

What’s A Good Jalapeño Substitute?

Want a twist on the favorite?

These days jalapeño peppers are everywhere. They are carried in most supermarkets, they flavor many hot sauces, and they have even invaded the snack aisle flavoring chips, pretzels, and a whole lot more. It’s unlikely you’ll need a jalapeño substitute because you can’t find this extremely popular chili in your area, but maybe you’re just looking for a step-up in heat or a subtle difference in flavor? Something to add some flair.

The good new is that you have options to “spice up” the spicy. Here we outline a few of our favorites that follow the jalapeño’s lead, but provide a little extra something, whether in heat or flavor.

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Old Bay seasoning substitute

What’s A Good Old Bay Seasoning Substitute?

Do you have a recipe that calls for Old Bay and you have none in-house? Or are you just not a fan of Old Bay, and you’re looking for a packaged Old Bay seasoning substitute with a slightly different flavor?

Luckily, you have options either way!

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chili powder substitute

What’s A Good Substitute For Chili Powder?

We’ve all been there – a recipe calls for an ingredient and there’s nothing in-house. It happens a lot with chili powder. Instead of running out to the store, what can you do? What’s a good substitute for chili powder that will still provide that dash of heat that your recipe needs? Here we’ll go through a few options that you likely have in your cabinet.

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cayenne pepper substitute

What’s A Good Substitute For Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne pepper is one of the most popular hot peppers out on the market today, easy to find in powder form but a lot tougher to find fresh in markets. In both cases, though, there are times that you may need a substitute. What are your choices?

We’ve pulled together some of your best options to use as a substitute for cayenne pepper, both chili powder options and fresh whole chilies. No matter your need, there’s a good choice here for you, so let’s take a look. 

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scotch bonnet substitute

What’s A Good Scotch Bonnet Pepper Substitute?

Scotch bonnet peppers – with their heat and fruity tang – are very popular in Caribbean cuisine, but they can be tough to find. They are not common in most general supermarkets, unless you live in the sub-tropics or in an urban area with a high population of Caribbean cultures. So what happens when you stumble upon a great looking recipe that uses scotch bonnet peppers? What is a  good scotch bonnet substitute that may be easier to find?

We’ve got a few options for you here. 

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