Chili Pepper Substitutes

Dried Chili Substitute

What’s A Good Dried Chili Substitute?

So you have a recipe calling for dried chilies, and that’s not something you normally stock in your kitchen? Or maybe your specialty grocer is simply out. What’s the next best thing? What’s a good dried chili substitute that’ll still bring that hot pepper intensity while not overwhelming your dish in other ways? Here are your best options, and one seemingly obvious one to actually avoid.

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Ancho pepper substitute

What’s A Good Ancho Pepper Substitute?

Ancho peppers are a must for many traditional Mexican recipes, but finding these dried chilies to complete a classic recipe may not be as easy as you’d like. What can you do if you don’t have the option? What’s the best ancho pepper substitute to reach to when you are in immediate need? What are the alternatives if you’re simply looking for something different? Let’s cover your options.

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Banana pepper substitute

What’s A Good Banana Pepper Substitute?

Have a need for fresh banana peppers, but none are available in store? Or your supermarket is flat out of banana pepper rings and you need a good alternative? What’s a good banana pepper substitute for moments like this?The good news: You have two terrific alternatives available that are common sights on grocery shelves. Both, in fact, can easily be mistaken for banana peppers. Let’s review. 

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Thai pepper substitute

What’s A Good Thai Chili Pepper Substitute?

Because Thai peppers are a must for many traditional Asian recipes, they are readily available dried and jarred in many supermarkets. But what if they’re out? Or what if you want something fresh? Where can you turn? What other chilies work as a Thai chili pepper substitute both in flavor and in heat so that your eating experience as as close to recipe as possible? Let’s review your best alternatives to keep your dish spicy and flavorful. 

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Guajillo Pepper Substitute

What’s A Good Guajillo Pepper Substitute?

A Mexican cuisine staple, the guajillo pepper is gaining in culinary popularity worldwide. More and more recipes are calling for this sweet and smoky pepper, as they part of the “Holy Trinity” of Mexican chilies used in mole sauce. But they can still be tricky to source in many areas. So what are your options if that’s the case? What’s a good guajillo pepper substitute if the real deal is not an option? We have three dried chili options for you, all suitable as an alternative but one is easier to find than the others.

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What’s A Good Pepperoncini Substitute?

Pepperoncini peppers are well-loved for Italian antipasto and on everything from sandwiches to pizzas. Most supermarkets carry pickled pepperoncini, and some specialty grocers even have this chili fresh. But what if you’re out of luck? Where can you turn on the pepper scale for similar heat and flavor? The good news is there’s a perfect pepperoncini substitute out there that’s nearly just as common.

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What’s A Good Aji Amarillo Substitute?

The aji amarillo chili is very popular in its native Peru, but finding it elsewhere can be a bit tricky. If your recipe calls for it, you’re likely looking for alternatives. So what’s a good aji amarillo substitute that you’re more likely to find in stores? You have some tough choices ahead. Be prepared to make a sacrifice on the fruity flavor or a drastic bump up in the heat. There really aren’t any substitutes that provide a good mix of both.

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