Chili Pepper Substitutes

Substitute for Taco Seasoning

What’s A Good Substitute For Taco Seasoning?

Taco seasoning is one of the more useful seasoning mixes for the spicy food fan. From taco nights to game day dips, its addition adds a mild simmer and earthiness to any dish it touches. But what if you’re out? Or what if you want to change things up a bit with more heat? Sure, you can buy taco seasoning at any grocer in town, but finding a good substitute for taco seasoning may not require a store run. You’ll be surprised what you can do within your own spice rack.

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Harissa Substitute

What’s A Good Harissa Substitute?

The delicious Tunisian chili paste harissa has become a go-to for spicy recipes, but it’s not always something many have in their pantries or even their local stores. So what do you do when your recipe calls for harissa and you have none to work with? What’s a good harissa substitute that you can pick up easily or that you may even have right at home? Which will get you closest to the actual flavor? Let’s lay out your options.

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Sambal Oelek Substitute

What’s A Good Sambal Oelek Substitute?

Sambal oelek is increasing in popularity among chefs and foodies – to the point where everyday recipes are now calling for this spicy chili paste. But what do you do if your local grocer doesn’t carry sambal oelek or if … Read more

Bell Pepper Substitute

What’s A Good Bell Pepper Substitute?

Bell peppers are everywhere, of course, but that doesn’t mean that trying an alternative from time to time isn’t worth the culinary adventure! Whether you’re looking for an alternative to the grassy bright flavor of the bell or you’re simply ready to explore peppers with a little more oomph, there are many options on the low-end of the pepper scale that make excellent alternatives to bell peppers.

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Gochujang Substitute

What’s A Good Gochujang Substitute?

More and more recipes call for gochujang, the popular Korean chili paste with the spicy and bold miso-like flavor. But as popular as it has become, it can still be tough to track down. Sure, you can pick up a few containers from Amazon to have on hand for future use, but what if your need is more immediate? What makes a good gochujang substitute when the timing is now?

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Hot Sauce Substitute

What’s A Good Hot Sauce Substitute?

Have a recipe that calls for a few dashes of hot sauce, and there’s none in your cupboard? Or are you simply looking for alternative heat sources that don’t contain chili pepper? What are your options when you need a … Read more

Aleppo Pepper Substitute

What’s A Good Aleppo Pepper Substitute?

While Aleppo pepper has grown in popularity for authentic Mediterranean cuisine, it’s notoriously difficult to source. Good luck finding it at your local grocery store, and even spice shops have a hard time keeping it on the shelf due to conflicts in this chili’s Syrian and Turkish home regions.

So where can you turn? What’s a good Aleppo pepper substitute that provides comparable heat and nods to the Aleppo’s flavor complexities? You have a few options, and the best is an easy spice pairing from a well-stocked spice rack.

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Chipotle Powder Substitute

What’s A Good Chipotle Powder Substitute?

Where can you turn for smoky heat?

From homemade barbecue sauces and rubs to rustic stews and meals, smoky chipotle powder is a common theme in recipes. But it isn’t always a typical spice you’ll just have in your spice rack. So what should you do if your kitchen concoction calls for this distinctly flavorful powder? What’s the best chipotle powder substitute that you may have in your spice rack, and which will be closest to that unique earthy taste? We provide answers below. 

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Espelette Pepper Substitute

What’s A Good Espelette Pepper Substitute?

French cuisine and Espelette pepper (a.k.a.piment d’Espelette) go hand in hand. It’s the pepper of the Basque region and a staple for local recipes. So it’s likely – if you’re exploring French cuisine – that you’ll stumble upon the need for this chili in its dried powder form.

But what if you can’t find it? Where can you turn on the pepper scale? What’s a good Espelette pepper substitute when your local grocer doesn’t carry this spicy powder? Let’s run through your top options:

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Chipotle Paste Substitute

What’s A Good Chipotle Paste Substitute?

No chipotle paste? You have options…

As Mexican cuisine becomes increasingly popular, more and more recipes are calling for chipotle paste. But what if you – or your supermarket – don’t have this spicy and smoky ingredient at hand? What are your options? What makes a good chipotle paste substitute when you don’t have the real thing? Here are your best options to still bring that recipe to spicy life. 

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