Chili Pepper Substitutes

Chili Sauce Substitute

What’s A Good Chili Sauce Substitute?

You may have come across “chili sauce” as an ingredient for your next great recipe find. But this term is just about as generic as can be in the world of spicy food. What is chili sauce, exactly? And what would be a good chili sauce substitute if you don’t have what’s called for in the pantry? Let’s review your top chili sauce alternatives, as well as one commonly used, but not recommended.

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aji panca substitute

What’s A Good Aji Panca Substitute?

Aji panca is a favorite for Peruvian cuisine, and with its berry-like smoky flavor its easy to see why. Aji panca is typically found in paste or powder form, and in both forms, they are simple to source online. But what if you need a substitute right away? What’s a good aji panca substitute that will do in a pinch to keep the flavors as authentic as possible? Let’s review your best options.

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Hoisin Sauce Substitute

What’s A Good Hoisin Sauce Substitute?

Sub in for sweet, spicy, and savory…

Akin to Western barbecue sauce, hoisin sauce is a delicious sweet and spicy mix that’s a must for many authentic Asian meals and a terrific barbecue sauce alternative for grilled meats. Hoisin sauce is carried in most supermarkets with international food sections, but where can you turn if there’s none available? What’s a good hoisin sauce substitute when you’re in a creative culinary mood, or what can you use in a quick pinch? We review your best options here.

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Ras El Hanout Substitute

What’s A Good Ras El Hanout Substitute?

Ras el hanout is a favorite for spicing up Moroccan tagines and other North African cuisine. But as popular as it is for this regional fair, it can be tough to source for the everyday chef. So where should you turn? What’s a good ras el hanout substitute that will bring you closest to authenticity? What can you use in a pinch? Let’s review your options.

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Sport Peppers Substitute

What’s A Good Sport Peppers Substitute?

For an authentic Chicago dog, sport peppers are a must. But there are times when picking up these regionally-prized pickled peppers may be near impossible. Outside Chicago they can be tough to source, so where do you turn? What’s a good sport peppers substitute that’ll provide a similar tangy flavor and bold bite?

There’s good news: Your grocery store has many options, especially if you’re willing to forgo using whole peppers on your dog.

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Piquillo Pepper Substitute

What’s A Good Piquillo Pepper Substitute?

With their smoky sweet flavor and lightly simmering heat, piquillo peppers are a family-friendly favorite. They’re typically simple to source (sold jarred) at higher-end supermarkets and specialty stores, But if they’re not available, what’s a good piquillo pepper substitute? What’s quick to pick up? What’ll give the best overall flavor that’s comparable? There are some alternatives that can work, though none will supply the depth of flavor that piquillos provide right from the jar. 

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Paprika Substitute

What’s A Good Paprika Substitute?

Do you have a recipe calling for paprika, and there’s none in your spice rack? Or are you simply looking for something hotter to spice things up even more? A paprika substitute, in either case, is easy to find, and you’ll typically need to look no further than other spices in your spice rack. 

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Red Jalapeño Substitute

What’s A Good Red Jalapeño Substitute?

Recipes calling for red jalapeños are trending up…

But, as jalapeños are typically sold green, you don’t normally find these delicious mature chilies in your local supermarket. So where should you turn? What’s a good red jalapeño substitute that you can pick up quick? Which is the best flavor and heat substitute? Which is the best if you’re looking to maintain the color for pure culinary aesthetics? Let’s dive into your options.

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What’s A Good Sriracha Substitute?

It’s not often that you’ll need a Sriracha substitute due to this hot sauce being hard to find. After all, it’s one of the most popular hot sauces on the planet and stocked by most grocers, big or small. But what if you need a change … Read more

Chili Paste Substitute

What’s A Good Chili Paste Substitute?

With the popularity of spicy foods on the rise, chili paste has taken on more and more prominence in the kitchen. But unlike its hot sauce cousin, it’s not nearly as easy to pick up at your local grocer.  So what are your options if your recipe calls for chili paste and you have none at hand? What makes a good chili paste substitute at the grocer? Are there ways you can create an alternative for chili paste via common refrigerator and spice rack ingredients? Let’s take a look at your options.

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