chipotle pepper substitute

What’s A Good Chipotle Pepper Substitute?

With that smoky heat, chipotle peppers bring a unique earthy flavor to dishes that use them. So how do you match that if you don’t have any chipotle chilies available in your kitchen. What’s a proper chipotle pepper substitute that will save the day, both in …

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poblano pepper substitute

What’s The Best Poblano Pepper Substitute?

With the immense popularity of Mexican dishes like chili rellenos, poblano peppers have become one of the go-to chilies around the world. They’ve become common in grocery stores, especially in areas with high Mexican populations. But what happens if you need a poblano pepper substitute? To what …

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Chili flakes substitute

What’s A Good Chili Flakes Substitute?

Chili flakes, a.k.a. red pepper flakes or crushed red pepper, are a kitchen spice rack staple. But just like any spice, you can run out at the most in-opportune time. Where do you turn when you need a chili flakes substitute in a pinch? We …

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Habanero substitute

What’s A Good Habanero Pepper Substitute?

When you start reaching the hotter levels of the Scoville scale, finding the perfect chili substitutions starts to get a little trickier. Fewer chilies carry this level of heat and they are typically harder to find in stores. Finding the best habanero pepper substitute suffers …

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Chile de arbol substitute

What’s A Good Chile De Àrbol Substitute?

More and more recipes are calling for the increasingly popular chile de àrbol. Its nutty taste and medium heat adds a unique earthy punch to dishes; while its slender profile provides extra value as a garnish and infusion ingredient. But what if you can’t find …

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Jalapeno substitute

What’s A Good Jalapeño Substitute?

These days jalapeño peppers are everywhere. They are carried in most supermarkets, they flavor many hot sauces, and they even invade the snack aisle flavoring chips, pretzels, and more. It’s unlikely you’ll need a jalapeño substitute because you can’t find this extremely popular chili in your area, but …

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chili powder substitute

What’s A Good Chili Powder Substitute?

We’ve all been there – a recipe calls for an ingredient and there’s nothing in-house. It happens a lot with chili powder. Instead of running out to the store, what can you do? What’s a good substitute for chili powder that will still provide that …

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