Chili Pepper Substitutes

Shichimi Togarashi Substitute

What’s A Good Shichimi Togarashi Substitute?

Japanese cuisine and spicy aren’t often a pairing that go together, but there are some exceptions. One is shichimi togarashi seasoning. The popular Japanese spice mix, also known as Japanese seven-spice seasoning, is popular for everything from Asian soups and tempura to noodles and grilled meats.

Yet, for all its popularity in its native land, it can be a surprise to see this exotic ingredient in a recipe. You likely don’t have this seasoning just sitting in the spice rack (and it can be difficult to source), so where do you turn? What’s a good shichimi togarashi substitute that will work? Let’s review your choices.

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Gochugaru substitute

What’s A Good Gochugaru Substitute?

If you’ve delved into Korean cooking, it’s likely the case you’ve come across gochugaru as an ingredient for an authentic Korean recipe. Gochugaru may be available at a specialty market, but oftentimes you’ll need to think outside the box to come up with an alternative. The good news: while gochugaru may sound exotic, it’s simply a type of crushed chili pepper – so you have many options at your fingertips. Each can serve as a viable gochugaru substitute, though there are strengths and weaknesses to consider when making the swap. Let’s break down your best options.

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tabasco substitute

What’s A Good Tabasco Substitute?

While Tabasco hot sauce is a supermarket staple, there are times when you need an alternative. What other hot sauces can you use that have a similar vinegary tang? What’s a good Tabasco substitute in a pinch for cooking if you don’t have a bottle of any hot sauce handy? And where can you turn if you simply don’t prefer the strong vinegar flavor that Tabasco is famous for? Let’s breakdown your best options.

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Jerk Seasoning Substitute

What’s A Good Jerk Seasoning Substitute?

The famous Jamaican jerk seasoning can turn many a cut of meat and Caribbean meal into something exotic, flavorful, and no doubt spicy. Though, while it’s easy to find at most grocery stores, it’s not for most people a seasoning that’s a no-brainer for the basic spice rack essentials. So where do you turn if a recipe calls for this delicious spice mix? What’s a good jerk seasoning substitute that you can turn to if you want to stay authentic to the dish? Let’s examine your best option.

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Sweet Chili Sauce

What’s A Good Sweet Chili Sauce Substitute?

From sweetening fiery Asian cuisine to firing up delicious desserts, sweet chili sauce has found growing use in the kithen. It’s typically easy to find at your local grocer (look in the international section), but if you need a quick substitute, you do have some options. Though, none (except making it yourself) will deliver quite the same amazing sweet heat an an authentic sweet chili sauce would.

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