Adobado brisket (adobo-spiced brisket) with onion and garlic roasted potatoes

Adobado Brisket With Onion And Garlic Roasted Potatoes

This Mexican-style delight showcases the brisket’s intensely beefy flavor by pot-roasting the meat in a rich adobo sauce. Pasilla peppers give the adobado brisket (meaning adobo-spiced brisket) a deep, smoky heat spiced with cumin, cloves, and cinnamon and brightened with apple cider vinegar. Long and …

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Tarongia – A Delicious Sicilian Flatbread

Tarongia pairs a flatbread (that’s wonderful enough to enjoy on its own) with a topping of sun-dried tomatoes, pecorino cheese, anchovies, green olives, capers, red onion, fennel, and red serrano peppers. It’s like tasting the sunshiny essence of Sicily. In the world of pizza-like delights, …

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Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo: A Classic Curry

Tender cubes of pork are cooked in a richly spiced, tomatoey sauce that’s sharpened with tamarind and vinegar, mellowed by sugar, and fired with bird’s eye chilies. With its long pedigree, pork vindaloo is an outstanding fusion of Indian and Portuguese cuisine. One of the …

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Bacon, egg, and cheese quiche with serrano peppers

Bacon, Egg, And Cheese Quiche With Serrano Peppers

For magnificently rich flavors and super-chic simplicity, unleash this spicy bacon, egg, and cheese quiche. It has a wonderful and rather unusual pastry crust that partners perfectly with the filling of smoked bacon, strong cheddar, serrano peppers, eggs, and heavy cream. Our version of this …

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Aloo Tikki With Date And Tamarind Chutney

Aloo Tikki with Date and Tamarind Chutney

Quick, easy, and moreish, these spicy potato fritters are a hugely popular street food in northern India and Pakistan. Our aloo tikkis are fired up with serrano chilies and served with a date and tamarind chutney that’s deliciously hot, sharp, sweet, sour, and seriously simple …

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Larb isaan, served with Jasmine rice and greens

Larb Isaan: A Truly Tremendous Salad

Hot, sharp, salty, sour, and nutty. They’re the cornerstone flavors in larb isaan, a super-savory, stylish salad from Laos and Thailand. Our larb recipe features diced chicken cooked with Thai bird’s eye chilies, toasted rice, lime juice, red onion, and fish sauce. Tabbouleh, Waldorf, Nicoise, …

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Rakott káposzta

Rakott Káposzta – Hungarian Peasant Bake

Layers of paprika-packed flavor are baked under a creamy topping in this rich celebration of spicy sausage, smoked pork, and tangy sauerkraut. Cayenne peppers add a little fiery spark to our rakott káposzta, a Hungarian peasant bake. And toasted caraway seeds give plenty of bold, …

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Caponata with Focaccia

Caponata With Focaccia – Deliciously Sicilian 

This comes fully loaded with Sicilian flavors. In its glossy, smoothly rich sauce, caponata is savory, sharp, sweet, salty, and sour. Serrano peppers light its fire, and a golden focaccia loaf turns it into an elegantly simple lunch or supper. Bewitching. In that lovely word’s …

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Bokit With Colombo-Spiced Pork

On its Caribbean-island home of Guadeloupe, they call it ‘bo-keet’. Fillings vary enormously, but what’s constant with bokit is the gorgeous, deep-fried bun. Ours are packed with juicy, hotly spiced, slow-roasted pork, and served with a traditional, lime-sharpened Creole dressing fired by bird’s eye chilies. …

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