Mexican Lamb Birria

Mexican Lamb Birria: A Fiesta Of Flavors

Spiced with chilies, cinnamon, cloves, and cumin, our Mexican birria has depths of flavor that are as rich as its long history. This is a time-tested double act starring exquisitely tender lamb, and a piping-hot, super savory broth. First things first. This is not a …

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Chipotle mushroom burger, meat-free, vegetarian

Chipotle Mushroom Burger (Meat-Free, Vegetarian)

Here’s a meat-free chipotle mushroom burger that delivers on flavor and is totally filling. With its earthy, fiery, and smoky flavors, it’ll leave you craving for more. It’s such a marriage of flavor and texture here. That meaty mushroom cap is topped with gooey cheese …

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Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha Label

Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha Review

Say hello to my yellow friend! When you think sriracha, you likely think red. I know I do. But there are other hues out there, based on the colors of the chilies used to make the hot sauce. Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha is one, using …

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Simple Celery and Jalapeño Soup 2

Simple Celery And Jalapeño Soup

Looking for a tasty use for those extra celery sticks accumulating in your refrigerator? This simple celery and jalapeño soup recipe handles that excess well. And it adds a touch of spiciness to give this “filling, but bland” creamy soup a flavorful edge. This soup …

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Jindotgae Hot Sauce label

Jindotgae Hot Sauce Review

Mixing fruity tamarind with fiery, sweet hot peppers is a quality combo — and that’s what’s behind Jindotgae Hot Sauce. This popular Korean sauce brings good flavor to the table, but how well-balanced is the heat? And is it as usable as the brand says, …

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Spanish gazpacho

Spanish Gazpacho

The bright flavors of smoked paprika, garlic, and vinegar emphasize the glories of ripe tomatoes in this Spanish gazpacho recipe. Mellowed by cucumber, olive oil and the sweetness of red and yellow bell peppers, this gazpacho takes the whole concept of chilled soup to a …

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Jalapeno and BlackBerry Slush Drink

Jalapeño And Blackberry Slush Drink

Our jalapeño and blackberry slush drink sure is refreshing in summer. But this fruity beverage is just as tasty anytime of the year. It’s a bold burst of fruitiness that’s perfect for satisfying sweet, fruity cravings. Jalapeño peppers are, of course, the heat source here. …

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Spicy Chinese beef with cumin

Spicy Chinese Beef With Cumin

Chilies, garlic, ginger, and cumin. That’s a fab foursome for fans of fine, fierily spiced food. And it’s a combo that highlights the full, front-and-center flavors in this spicy Chinese beef with cumin recipe. It’s a deliciously simple, yet intensely rich dish. This is very …

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